Who are the last 5 Angels players to have 100 RBI in a single season?

There's Trout, Ohtani, and?
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3) Albert Pujols, 2017 (101), 2016 (119), 2014 (105), 2012 (105)

When making this list, I fully expected Trout to lead the Angels in 100+ RBI years even with his recent struggles staying on the field, but to my surprise, that title belongs to Albert Pujols who accomplished this feat four times in an Angels uniform.

Everyone agrees that Albert Pujols' tenure in Anaheim was an underwhelming one. He wasn't the MVP-caliber player he was in St. Louis and didn't lead the Angels to anything more than one playoff series in which they got swept.

Despite that, Pujols was still a productive hitter during his time with the Angels. That's something other big free agent signings the Angels have made cannot say.

Pujols' first year driving in 100+ runs came in his debut season of 2012 when he knocked in 105 on the strength of 30 home runs and 50 doubles. Pujols had an .859 OPS that season and a 138 OPS+. Not superstar-level good, but a solid year nonetheless.

Pujols did it again two years later as he helped lead the Angels to the postseason, driving in another 105 runs. This time he did it with just 28 home runs, 37 doubles, and a .790 OPS, but a better supporting cast helped him get there.

The future Hall of Famer did it once again two years later as Pujols drove in an Angels career-high 119 runs. He'd slash .268/.323/.457 with 31 home runs and 119 driven in. He had just a .780 OPS and a 113 OPS+ but hitting behind Mike Trout who had a .441 OBP and led the league with 123 runs obviously goes a long way.

The 2016 season was Pujols' last year being productive for the Angels as he really fell off offensively. Somehow, he found a way to reach the 100+ RBI mark one more time as he drove in 101 runs in 2017. He did this despite posting a .672 OPS with an OPS+ of 80. He wasn't productive for much of the year, but with RISP he did raise his OPS to a respectable .771 mark. That helped him drive in a majority of his runs despite poor offensive output overall. Again, having Trout get on at a 44.2% clip in front of him certainly helped.

Pujols had four years in which he topped the 100 RBI mark, but he had another two in which he came close. He drove in 95 in 2015 and another 93 in 2019. He did that in 2019 despite playing in just 131 games.