Why Angels fans should trust GM Perry Minasian more after trade deadline

Perry Minasian has done a good job under extenuating circumstances
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The trade deadline has come and gone with the Los Angeles Angels falling behind in the postseason push with the team going for it and buying at the deadline. These are hard moves to make for the team's general manager, Perry Minasian, as he had to gauge where the team was and make it competitive with what they had.

With the team underperforming, it is understandable to put blame on Minasian as he constructed the team. However, some of the blame has to fall onto others such as the coaching staff, players for not executing, and the man at the top, owner Arte Moreno.

Why Perry Minasian deserves our trust

When Minasian inherited the team as the new general manager, he had a lot on his plate as he needed to make the team competitive as well as try and build up a barren farm system. So far, he's tried to prove he can do both while acquiring young talent and filling in holes with veterans.

This was arguably his best season in terms of understanding what the team needed and attacked it head-on. In the spring, he challenged Moreno by arguing for more depth, in an interview with Sports Illustrated, Moreno stated "I kept saying, What about (Trea) Turner? Is this what we need?'" Minsasian convinced him to go after multiple players that were cheaper which was the right move.

However, consistent injuries and inconsistent ability to produce on offense and pitching have been the biggest problem for the team. Is it Minasian's fault for the way the team has played? I don't think so. He was correct in that the team was more than one player away from being successful and he has proven it.

Oftentimes, front offices get let go before their dream is fully realized and another front office has other plans that can set a team back. Minasian has to have a plan for the future which is already tough because he will be doing the same thing, acquiring young talent and making the major league club better.

He's been able to swing trades without ruining the young core in Detmers, Sandoval, O'Hoppe, and Neto. However, it has been some time since the team has really hit on any prospects that have proven to be worth serious value outside of those four.

Now he'll have to construct two plans which is the sad reality, how the team will look in the future with Ohtani and without. Should Ohtani leave, this season might be a glimpse of how Minasian will handle it, by adding depth where the team desperately needs it, not just another big name.