Justin Bieber Video? More Proof That MLB Just Doesn’t Get it


So since I work ( in Marketing mind you) and live on the west coast I missed much of the World Series. I know what a shame right?

Luckily for me though since I have a job and live in LA, I rarely ever get home before 8 pm. Why am I lucky? Not because I missed most of the fall classic or because I get to practice my Jedi mind tricks while weaving through LA Traffic. I’m lucky beacuse  like many of you, I too was fortunate enough to miss the awkward , out of place , World Series inspired Justin Bieber video that aired before game three of the World Series.

If you were one of the million who also missed it bare with me and click here.. Just do it

We’ve been critical of the MLB here. Its well document. We hated the lunch time starts of games in the Division and Championship series. We groaned at not staggering games times Ala the NFL to allow each team and each game maximum exposure and we called out Selig and crew for not allowing local fans an easy opportunity to actually attend playoff games. This Justin Bieber thing just might take the cake though. It just doesn’t make sense. Its funny really. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall  during the meeting when the Bieber video idea was approved.

This is how I think the conversation sounded.

Selig or Other MLB Executive:” We need to be more hip .. more cool.. more relevant. What are the kids into?”

Random MLB Executive One: “My 13 year old daughter loves this Justin Bieber kid”

Random Executive Two: “No way mine too. She even has his poster on her wall”

Selig or Other MLB Executive: “Done..Get Bieber’s people on the line!!”

This has to be the full extent of the thought that went into the making of this video. The fact that this was approved and ran on the air (by either the MLB or the folks at Fox) is a sad day for baseball fans. It shows just how out of touch the league office really is.

Justin Bieber is popular among 6 – 13 year old girls. What exactly does this demographic have to do with Baseball? You’re guess is as good as mine. They would not sit through 3 hours of baseball even if Bieber was pitching. Baseball’s core demographic has and always should be  8 – 100  year old men. Its a wide range. These are the same guys who are watching the NFL instead of major league baseball. The same boys and men who laugh at and mock Bieber. Maybe their jealous?

Anyways.. The NFL/NBC gets it. Baseball and Fox got it wrong.

The choice is simple.

The NFL on every random Sunday Night  leads with Faith Hill. The World Series goes with Justin Bieber. Yes the game play and actual sports story lines are important, but at the end of the day, this simple marketing decision sums up the state of both leagues. The NFL is in tune with its consumer and Baseball is not.

P.S Halo Fans:  This video was shot at our beloved Angels Stadium!! Salt in the wound. I know… I know.