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Mike Trout is Angel fans’ very own Angel

There are puff pieces, and then there are PUFF pieces. This one is the latter. But any story about Michael Nelson Trout, is a story worth reading. Seriously, someone wrote something about Mike Trout on a napkin at work and I have it in my wallet for daily reading.

Money Quote:

"They call him a young Mickey Mantle, and it’s not just because of the way he plays; it’s because of the way Mantle made kids feel in 1954, like they were rooting for the ultimate big brother."

He also makes grown men feel like little kids watching him play.

Detroit Tiger fans: Respect for Mine Trout in MVP race with Miguel Cabrera

Some really classy Tigers fans here. With the season heading into the final stretch MVP talk is going to get scorching hot. I’m terribly biased, so of course Mike Trout is going to win, but Miguel Cabrera is his main competition going into these final eight weeks.

Money Quote:

"• jvsmytiger: “If I was voting today and put aside my homerism I would probably take Trout but it is basically a tossup and you can make arguments for both. It will be interesting to see what plays out the next 8 weeks. … Personally I will give Trout MVP and Miggy can have World Series MVP!”"

Confident much?

Teen Baseball Player, Jonathan Sabo, Hits Home Run, Fulfills Grandfather’s Dying Wish (VIDEO)

Cool little story about a 16 year old travel ball player Hitting a home run for his grandfather who recently passed away. As a player who was always on the small side, hitting one out was always cool enough, but a home run with meaning is extra special. You can hang a halo on this one.

Money Quote:

"“I just remember rounding first base. It’s the best thing that ever happened to me. I broke down and started crying. My teammates ran over and hugged me and said that’s the best thing you’ve done. My Dad came over and gave me a big hug. We broke down crying.”"

I’m a sucker for sappy stories. (Throws tissue away)

Down on the Farm

Salt Lake Bees top RedHawks 8-7 in 10 innings

The Bees are currently riding a seven-game winning streak. Maybe they can give the big club a few tips on how to string wins together.

Maronde, Arkansas shut out Hooks, 4-0

Nick Maronde is one of the Angels top pitching prospects, and last night he threw eight shutout innings in his second AA start. Maybe a little bullpen cameo to get his feet wet in September?

66ers Can’t Storm Back, Fall to Lake Elsinore

They got beat yesterday, nothing much to it really. The Closer for the Storms last name is Quackenbush. I am hereby entitling him to Dan Quisenberry’s title of sweetest last name starting with the letter “Q.”

Kernels romp Rattlers 15-1

The Kernels do not subscribe to the “Let’s score a lot of runs and the bullpen blow it” weekly.

Walsh and Bullpen Lead Orem to 7-4 Win

Orems bullpen threw FOUR shutout innings. The Angels bullpen gave up FIVE runs in ONE inning last night. That makes my head hurt.