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Instant replay, Dan Haren and moooooore Mike Trout. The air is getting sucked out of the lungs of this fan base quicker than the vacuum sealed meatloaf from last night. We need this team to play the way it is capable of playing, but now with the starting pitching (including Jered Weaver) going the way of the bLOLpen, the hopes for this season get bleaker and bleaker by the day.

Haren’s struggles are reason for concern

Here’s a crazy idea. Maybe Haren is going into decline? Ok, it might not be that crazy of an idea, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pitcher going into decline this quickly, but Haren has logged a lot of innings over the last 10 years. Until this year, he hadn’t missed a start since 2005, tallying more than 200 innings each year since then. It’s a heavy workload, maybe not in the historical context (Old Hoss Radbourn laughs at your “heavy” workload”), but for modern pitchers, it is.

Money Quote:

"“He doesn’t have to go out there and be Superman; he just needs to pitch to what we would expect him to on a start-by-start basis.”"

Why not? Pitching like Wolverine obviously didn’t do the trick.

Trout’s Power Continues To Be A Pleasant Surprise For Angels

Do you know what I like to do after a bad loss? Read articles about Mike Trout. Why? Because no one writes downer stories about Prince Fish. Even a slight change in his batting stance is grounds for a PMA article.

Money Quote:

"“I don’t try to hit home runs. It just happens,” Trout said. “Sometimes you get a good pitch to hit, put a good swing on it and it goes.”"

Mike Trout doesn’t try to hit home runs, that’s cute.

Exclusive: MLB to test two different advanced replay systems during games next week

I’m not a huge fan of replay in baseball. I get why it should be used, and watching the Angels get railroaded lately doesn’t help my stance one bit. My biggest concern, slowing the game down even more. This could open the door for more calls being reviewed, leading to pitchers just standing around. I’d use one of our pitchers as an example of a pitcher losing his groove because he had to wait for the third replay of the game to be reviewed, but maybe they could use some “Me” time every couple of innings.

Money Quote:

"The use of the systems will be strictly in the background and for analysis. Because the number of questionable plays during games is likely to be limited, MLB plans to do extra testing on non-game days. Before implementing the technology in its 30 ballparks, the league wants to ensure its accuracy is up to standard."

Helllloooooo Robots.

Angels’ bullpen could get help soon

And not a moment too soon. Walden and Downs are very important to this bullpen that is relying heavily on a couple of 39 year olds who for most of the season were pitching way over their heads. Downs only through simulated games while Walden went on rehab assignment in AAA. After his first appearance in Salt Lake, Walden was very good, concluding his rehab with a 1-2-3 inning. Will this turn the teams fortunes around? Maybe, probably not, but maybe.

Money Quote:

"“Some guys in the bullpen are throwing well,” Manager Mike Scioscia said, “but the depth we’re trying to establish is squarely on the shoulders of Scott Downs and Jordan Walden.”"

No pressure guys, no pressure at all.

McCutchen, Trout on top in MVP races as contenders cool off

I made a foolish bet on Twitter that if Trout hit .330 with 30 HR, 30 SB, 100 RBI and 100 Runs Scored I would literally eat Trout. Unfortunately Trout is not something that is readily available in stores so it’s possible that I have to pick another fish product to consume. To be clear, I HATE fish. This can only end bad.

Money Quote:

"Trout went deep eight times in his first 258 plate appearances this year, a rate of roughly one home run every 32 trips, but has 14 more home runs in his last 179 PA, a rate of roughly one every 13 PA. The latter is a 50-homer pace over a full season of 650 plate appearances."

Mike Trout, 50 home runs. Last year, no way. Now, sure, why not.

How to fix the Angels? Human sacrifice

At this point, I’ll try anything, including human sacrifice.

The Impact of Performance Enhancing Drugs

Melky Cabrera testing positive for testosterone doesn’t just affect the Giants. It doesn’t just affect baseball and it’s fans. It affects all fans of all sports. These players possess skills that the Average Joe dreams of having, and every time a player is outed as a cheater, a small part of a fanatics love for sports dies.

Money Quote:

"The wind has left the sails of Cabrera cheerleaders. Their lineup will have a glaring piece missing for the rest of the season. It’s sad really. For the city, the fans, the team and the sport. Every player having a great season will now even more so be under the microscope. Mike Trout anyone?"

A sad reality, but a reality nonetheless.