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Garrett Richards is back as Peter Bourjos goes to the Disabled List, Roger Clemens is back in baseball, Bartolo Colon Suspended for PED’s (Physically Eating Dave Matthews) and Mike Trout is on the cover of Sports Illustrated. It’s link time so let’s dive right in shall we?

Angels’ Mike Trout is a national story

Getting the cover of Sports Illustrated is a huge deal for an athlete. It’s also a very scary thing for fans. Any sports fan knows about the “Cover Story Curse,” and for Trout to be the one honored by SI in their next issue, we are obviously worried. On the upside, Tom Verducci handled the writing of the story, and he is arguably my favorite main stream writer.

Money Quote:

"Tom Verducci writes, “There never has been a position player this good this young.” The story reflects a growing belief that Trout, in his first full season, is the best, or certainly one of the best, players in the game. He entered Wednesday leading the league with a .344 batting average, 97 runs, 39 stolen bases, a .606 slugging percentage and 1.014 on-base-plus-slugging percentage."

Mike Trout does baseball better than you’re favorite player does baseball.

Minor League Prospect Note: C.J. Cron, 1B, Los Angeles Angels

C.J. Cron is going to be the Angels number one prospect going into next season. I may not agree with it, but that’s where he’ll be placed. His power is 100% legit, but he rarely takes a walk (17 in 498 at bats). So what we have here is a super aggressive, high contact, ridiculous power kind of hitter. To me, that’s a strange combination.

Money Quote:

"I gave Cron a Grade B- this season and am sticking with that for now. There has been some clamor among Angels fans to promote him more quickly, but given the oddities in his record and his combination of strengths and weaknesses, I think the front office was right to keep him in High-A this year. His transition to Double-A in 2013 will be illuminating."

The Texas League IS NOT a hitter’s league. How he fares there, will tell us a lot about his potential going forward.

Roger Clemens hopes to have fun in return to baseball

Roger Clemens is now a Sugar Land Skeeter. Putting him on track to be a New York Yankee by April next year.

Money Quote:

"But he received another push toward the field early this summer when he visited Dr. James Andrews in Florida for a checkup.“He said: ‘The MRI looked great. Your shoulder looks like you’re 30. You should go pitch — just kidding,'” Clemens said Andrews told him.It was then that he started thinking he could actually play for the Skeeters. After throwing for the team on Monday, where his fastball was clocked at 87"

I want to throw 87 MPH at 50 years old. Hell, I want to throw 87 MPH now.

Veteran Pitcher Bartolo Colon Suspended 50 Games For Positive Test

OK, so Bartolo Colon didn’t actually eat Dave Matthews. Although, that would have made for some interesting headlines. The A’s rotation has been their saving grace, and it has catapulted them into the thick of the Wild Card race. How much does this hurt their chances? That remains to be seen. But Colon was a very big part of what was going on in Oakland.

Money Quote:

"“It’s a shock,” Oakland reliever Grant Balfour said. “He’s a guy that we’re definitely relying on right now. I guess you could say it’s bad timing any time, but especially now.”"

I don’t think is ever “good timing” for these things Grant. Just sayin’.

The Case For and Against Firing Mike Scioscia

Mike Scioscia is forever on the hot seat where fans are concerned. He’s a very polarizing manager, which I find a bit strange. Bobby Valentine polarizing? Yes. Terry Collins? Yes. Scioscia? do you see where I’m having trouble putting this together? He has his tendencies (like that stupid contact play), but over the course of 13 years, I’m going to go on the record saying that he’s done a pretty alright job.

Money Quote:

"Fair or not, Scioscia’s job security is going to continue to be a topic of great debate until he does or does not find a way to get the Halos back on track for a playoff berth."

Fair or not? I say not.

Angels Place Outfielder Peter Bourjos on the Disabled List

Peter Bourjos was placed on the Disabled List with a sore right wrist. Let me see if I got this right? Peter Bourjos, who is now essentially our fifth outfielder since Big Vern’s return, has somehow injured himself? Yeah, I’m not buying it. This sounds more like “We need pitching depth, so instead of optioning Pete to AAA, let’s have him rot some more.” I’m also a Fleet Pete supporter and a highly irrational person, so there’s that.

VIDEO: Bryce Harper Shatters His Bat on the Ground

What’s so great about Mike Trout? Not only is he the best baseball player on the planet right now, but he doesn’t do stuff like this. I understand frustration, I deal with it daily at my place of employment. But, if you are one of the future faces of baseball, try to keep your head about yourself a little bit better. Especially since anyone would look foolish on that pitch. Seriously, a 77 MPH hook with that much drop? Untouchable.

I know this game was two weeks ago, but watching the Astros play makes me feel happy in two ways. One: The Angels are not the Astros. Two: Next year they are going to be playing in the American League West. Overjoyed.