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Mike Scioscia is going to ride Jered Weaver like the Ace horse that he is, Mark Trumbo‘s terrible August and, Mike Trout has a weakness. So far, the Angels haven’t lost this week, unless you count Sunday. Since my rose covered glasses haven’t been worn in a while, I hereby declare that Sunday was a part of last week. Any objections? I didn’t think so.

Weaver lined up to start regular-season finale

Since winning the division is now pretty much out of the question, this is really the only way it can be. This team needs Weaver to be on the mound as much as is humanly possible without going the Jim Tracy route and switching to a four-man rotation. Mostly because, that would be dumb.

Money Quote:

"Weaver will pitch in a lot of critical matchups between those two starts against the Mariners. He’ll start against the Tigers (Sept. 7), Athletics (Sept. 12), Rangers (Sept. 18), White Sox (Sept. 23) and Rangers (Sept. 28).The Angels wouldn’t have it any other way. On the year, Weaver is 16-3 with a 2.85 ERA and an AL-low 0.987 WHIP.The rest of the rotation: 38-41 with a 4.61 ERA."

On second thought, why don’t we go the Old Hoss Radbourn route, and pitch Weaver everyday?

Minor League Prospect Note: Randal Grichuk, OF, Los Angeles Angels

I have criticized Randal Grichuk a lot since being drafted. My biggest problem, his swing. To me there was almost no movement in his lower half. How he generated any power at all was beyond me. The video embedded in this article showed me two things. One: He has opened his stance up. Two: He’s using his lower half to drive through the baseball. He still walks very little, but hopefully when he gets to AA he can learn to lay off those out of the zone pitches.

Would Torii Hunter Make Sense For The Red Sox This Offseason?

This would make me a very, very, very sad panda. I simply cannot imagine Torii Hunter and his beaming smile wearing a Red Sox uniform. I would not accept that as reality.

Mark Trumbo’s Month as Somebody Awful

Mark Trumbo has now struck out 41 times this month. He had struck out 83 times this season coming into this month. Much has been made of this slump. Is it where he’s not hitting the ball? Is it swing and walk rates? Is it regression? Mark is not talking and I don’t have a press pass or an Iron Maiden so I don’t know the exact answer. But Fangraphs has Gif’s (I’m such a sucker for Gif’s).

Money Quote:

"August Mark Trumbo has batted 113 times. That’s the second-most plate appearances he’s had in any month this season, and that’s a really meaningless fact that adds nothing to this article. He’s hit safely 21 times, and homered three times. He’s walked six times, and struck out 41 times. Put it all together and you get a .257 OBP and a .288 slugging percentage. The Orioles’ 2012 winning percentage is higher than Mark Trumbo’s August OPS."

At least it’s not the Astors.

Angels’ Mike Scioscia to maximize use of ace Jered Weaver

As well Scioscia should. Oh, I already said that? OK, moving on.

After Sweeping Boston Angels CHARGED for Post Season Play!

Are you pumped? Yeah? I’ll admit it, I’m a little pumped going into September. The pitching staff seems to be turning the corner and this offense is relentless. I’m not super pumped, but I’m not afraid to hope either.

Money Quote:

"Mike Trout’s August slump has produced a batting average for the month that would be the fourth best on the team. That is the slump."

Mike Trout, he’s even good when he’s doing bad.


Not the strikeouts or the Sports Illustrated cover or even a little hole on pitches up and away. Someone get the tanning salons and spray on tan stations away from Angels Stadium right now.

Money Quote:

"The jig is up. Now everyone knows. All an opposing team has to do is play some LMFAO, Ke$ha, or Lil Jon and Mike Trout will be powerless as his genetic makeup forces him to perform the traditional Jersey fist bump club dance into perpetuity."

Dear lord help us, not the dance.

Baseball players do weird things, a lot, luckily we live in a day and age where their embarrassing acts can be caught on tape and then quickly uploaded to Youtube for our viewing pleasure.