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Jered Weaver might miss his next start, Torii Hunter is getting back to his roots and Mark Trumbo‘s slump just will not end. The Angels currently sit four and a half games back of the Wild Card Leading A’s, and three and a half back of the second Wild Card Orioles. The push for the postseason is under way, and, so far, it’s off to a good start.

Los Angeles Angels to ‘wait and see’ whether Jered Weaver will be OK to pitch against Detroit Tigers

Jered Weaver took a rocket of a line drive off his right arm in his last start against the Mariners. If you missed it, here it is. The Angels can ill-afford to have anyone go down with an injury right now, especially when that player is our Ace. Weaver claims that ball hit his glove first and then ricocheted of his arm, but after watching the video, it looks like that ball caught him square.

Money Quote:

"“We’re going to wait and see how it’s feeling,” Angels manager Mike Scioscia said Monday. “Let’s get through this series and we’ll see how some things set up, particularly with Weave, and then we’ll have decisions.”"

Hopefully we find out by, say, tomorrow.

At 37, Hunter goes back to roots as Angels’ No. 2 hitter

Torii Hunter could end this season doing something he has never done before, hit .300. Torii has taken to the two hole like a fish to water. I was very skeptical at first because Torii has always had that tendency to come out of his shoes on every swing. I’m very pleased with how this is working out, and who knows, maybe his showing this season will lead to him being kept around for a little while longer. Of course, hitting in between Mike Trout and Albert Pujols helps a little bit too.

Money Quote:

"“I’m more mature at the plate now. I know the strike zone better. I’m swinging at strikes, and it’s a lot of fun to get on base for Albert.”"

Sorry Torii, I’ve seen you swing at some pretty bad pitches this year in the two hole. You’re still a free swinger.

The Weekly Trend: Zack Greinke

A nice little spotlight on the career so far of Zack Greinke. Highlighting his rocky beginnings in Kansas City, his Cy Young season, his first trade and now coming over to the Angels.

Money Quote:

"And alongside his skills as a pitcher, the trade allowed Angel fans to enjoy Greinke’s hilariously lethargic interviews"

Well, that one hit the nail square on the head didn’t it?

Slumping Mark Trumbo remains in cleanup spot against A’s

Mark Trumbo‘s slump is no longer simply frustrating. It has become painfully frustrating. I want so bad for him to wake up on the next game day having figured it out that I get a little depressed when he shows up and hasn’t. He was very important to this offense for three months, and even though he was hitting waaaaaaaay over his head then, there’s no reason to believe that he can’t find himself back at the mean. He’s not as good as he showed to start the year, but he is most certainly not this bad either.

Money Quote:

"“At times he’s expanded the zone and gotten into trouble, and times he’s expanded the zone and hit the ball hard,” Scioscia said. “It’s not an easy thing. You have to find the balance between being aggressive and finding the kind of plate discipline you’re comfortable with to get into good counts."

I like to refer to this as “Vladimir Guerrero Disorder.”

Kid Dynamite

This is the Sports Illustrated cover story on Mike Trout. You know, the one that has cursed him and caused this slump that he is also in.

Money Quote:

"Three years removed from his senior prom, the Angels’ centerfielder is already the consensus pick for the player you would take first if you could pick anyone in the game.“Not even close,” says A’s general manager Billy Beane. “I will go to a box score every day to see what he’s done—and you’ve got to go to so many categories that it takes a while. I swear, he’s the only major league player where I will become an eight-year-old kid again."

Does this mean that Trout is going to play a prominent role in Moneyball 2?

Angels work to pitch out of a jam

So, it’s the offense’s fault that the team did so terrible in April. And now, it is also their fault that pitching staff is tired in August. I buy that it’s the “Dog Days” and that players generally break down at this time of year due to the heat. Maybe, maybe.

Money Quote:

"“Honestly, I think in this case the dog days might have caught up with their pitching staff after carrying the load as much as they had to getting out of the gate,” Salmon said. “It’s not just that they had to pitch an inning longer or get a few more outs, it’s that they were stressful outs. They were stressful innings because the offense was taking so much heat at not being able to do anything. There was just so little margin for error.”"

I’m still on the fence about this one King Fish.

Seriously kid, tie…your….SHOES! But hey, great save.