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Dan Haren is slated to participate in the 2013 World Baseball Classic, American League West is once again the top division in baseball and, is Mike Trout leaving the Angels for show business? Usually on off days there is at least funny news that can be found. This time, nothing. It really was a boring day for baseball.

September 16, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; Los Angeles Angels players

Mark Trumbo

(44) and

Alberto Callaspo

(6) celebrate after beating the Kansas City Royals 4-3 at Kauffman Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-US PRESSWIRE

2013 World Baseball Classic: Andre Ethier, Dan Haren Among Mexico Considerations, Per Report

I am not one of those people that enjoys the WBC. It comes at a terrible during the off season, most players aren’t ready for competition, yadda yadda, blah blah, whiny whiny. And if the Angels plan on keeping Haren around past this year, I would definitely prefer that he save his bullets for the regular season, seeing as how he seems to only have a limited number available.

Money Quote:

"Haren, a 10-year veteran, is currently 11-11 on the season with the Los Angeles Angels. In 27 games, Haren has a 4.41 ERA with a 1.31 WHIP in 159.1 innings. Haren is of Irish and Mexican descent."

Whiskey + Tequila = Advil. Or some other headache relieving medication.

Los Angeles Angels need stars to shine to reach playoffs

Yes, yes they do. They also need the bullpen to be water tight, the starting rotation to be good beyond Jered Weaver and Zack Greinke and one Mark Trumbo to get back to hitting Trumbombs on the regular. This team was unbeatable in June and July, they need to be that team.

Trout’s enthusiasm matches his electric play

Once a week there is a Mike Trout puff piece. And why not? He’s not only fun to watch, but fun (and extremely easy) to write about. All you need is a new player to talk about him.

“What’d Mike Trout do this week?”

“Hit some baseballs, stole some bases, made a great play.”

“Oh, so what he does every week?”

“Yeah. But this time we have Vernon Wells talking about him.”

“Cut. Print. Wrap.”

Money Quote:

"“No, not right now,” Wells said when asked if Trout has an equal as a total player. “He’s one of those guys who, when you’re done playing, you’re going to say, ‘I played with Mike Trout. I was there when he got started.'”"

Look at Vernon acting all star struck for the reporter. He’s so cute.

It’s simple math: AL West is baseball’s best

Thank goodness it is simple math. That advanced math with all it’s letters and dash lines and symbols is just so, advanced. You know what I mean?

Money Quote:

"The division’s overall winning percentage is .548. No other division is even close. In the final season of the current alignment, with the Astros coming aboard the AL West in 2013 to bring balance to the leagues and divisions, the four-pack is flexing its collective muscle with unmatched pitching.The A’s would be leading both the AL East (by a game) and AL Central (by 4 1/2 games). The Angels would lead the Central by a game, and they’d be 3 1/2 games off the pace in the East."

To include the central is really not all that fair and, does anyone expect this to continue with the Astros joining the West next year (I am still counting down the days until this becomes a reality)?

Mike Trout to Abandon Baseball for the Stage?

I don’t think it is such a good idea that he does this while we are playing the Rangers, and I can’t believe that Scioscia gave him the OK but, I think I’ll go check this out.

Like I said, slow news day. And since it was so slow, treat yourself to an Astros video while quietly thinking to yourself “Next year, we get to play them 18 times.