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Mike Trout versus Miguel Cabrera (again), even more Mike Trout and, Right now, it’s about trust. With the A’s losing to the Rangers yesterday, the idle Angels picked up a half game in the standings while enjoying sushi and tanning beds. My stomach didn’t appreciate me rooting for the Rangers yesterday, but the final week and a half of a stressful season makes a fan do strange things sometimes.

Sept. 23, 2012; Anaheim, CA, USA; Los Angeles Angels center fielder Mike Trout (27) reacts after reaching third base on a single by right fielder

Torii Hunter

(not pictured) in the sixth inning of the game against the Chicago White Sox at Angel Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

Mike Trout vs. Miguel Cabrera Section

Mike Trout is your AL MVP (WAR says so)

This is what WAR is good for. Yeah, I know, cheap joke. Mike Trout’s WAR isn’t just crazy good this year. It’s the best ever for an age 20 season. Ever. As in ever ever. The BBWAA will most likely swoon for Cabrera should he win the Triple Crown, but if he doesn’t, the award should already have Mike Trout’s name inscribed on it.

Money Quote:

" estimates that Trout has produced an additional 12 runs for the Angels this season with his feet alone"

Trout’s feet score more than Cabrera’s, think about that ladies.

The Triple Crown is nonsense

Annnnnnnnd there it is. Someone has said it. I kind of agree with the statement, but the historical value of the achievement still cannot be understated.

Money Quote:

"“Time has given the batting average a powerful hold on the American baseball public; everyone knows that a man who hits .300 is a good hitter while one who hits .250 is not,” Thorn wrote. “Everyone knows that, no matter that it is not true. You want to trade Bill Madlock for Mike Schmidt? BA treats all its hits in egalitarian fashion. A two-out bunt single in the ninth with no one on base and your team trailing by six runs counts the same as Bobby Thomson‘s shot heard ’round the world.”"

John Thorn; Old, slow talker, nail on head hitter.

Miguel Cabrera favorite for MVP, Vegas odds say

If you’re a betting person (and I am not), go ahead and put your money down on Miggy. I’m going to keep riding the Trout train though.

Money Quote:

"Bovada in Las Vegas reports that Cabrera is better than even money — 2-to-3 — to win. Trout is 6-to-5. So it’s not a sure thing, but Cabrera is the favorite. Interesting to note: They don’t list any other players online. So, whomever you liked on the Texas Rangers — Josh Hamilton, Adrian Beltre — fuhgeddaboutit."

It’s a two horse race as far as Vegas is concerned.

Just Trout Section

Mike Trout update: Outfielder, Angels have day off

Yes, that’s right, Mike Trout is so awesome that an update is issued when he has the day off.

Not Mike Trout Section

Angels’ Jerry Dipoto is pleased to have job situation settled

Not only is Scioscia glad the speculation about his job security is over, Jerry Dipoto is happy to see the talk about his job get laid to rest as well. Why Jerry’s name was tossed into this as well is a complete mystery to me, but people need a scapegoat, and I guess a first year General Manager who brought in Albert Pujols, Zack Greinke, C.J. Wilson, Ernesto Frieri and was able to jettison Jeff Mathis for a warm body while picking up a valuable replacement in Chris Iannetta is that guy.

Money Quote:

"Saturday “was a nice day to get behind us and move forward from, to continue getting better as a group and play for this season, 2013 and beyond,” Dipoto said."

Yeah, I’m not a big fan of baseball’s TMZ heads either (I’m looking at you Jon Heyman).

Who’s to blame if Angels miss the postseason?

Who’s to blame? Everyone on the field as far as I’m concerned. This team has too much talent and is making way too much money to not make the playoffs. And as the Yankees proved time and time again, yes, you can buy a championship.

Money Quote:

"But any postmortem examination of this up-and-down season has to look first at the uneven performance of the bullpen. It was an area that the front office shored up with the acquisition of Ernesto Frieri on May 3, but the lack of any significant moves in the offseason or at this year’s trade deadline left the unit depleted and vulnerable."

But especially the bullpen.

Companions for Angels’ rookies: teddy bears

Three cheers for Rookie Hazing. No pink backpacks here.

Money Quote:

"Trout, 21, was issued a pink bear, while Richards, 24, has a white one with a rainbow dress and wings. When informed that, between him and Trout, he might have gotten the cooler of the two bears, Richards says: “Yeah, this one lights up and talks.”"

This one, lights up.

It’s a Matter of Trust

If ever there was a fan who’s fan filter didn’t shut off when he put his writing hat on, It’s True Grich.

No video today, just a few tweets of Angels fans shamelessly cheering for the Rangers against the A’s last night.