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How about we just call this version of Link Hangout as the “Jered Weaver gets to 20 wins with a little bit of Torii Hunter and Mike Trout sprinkled in for good measure” edition? Wins are incredibly overrated for pitchers, but congratulations to our top dog Weaver on achieving what still is considered a bench mark for dominance over the course of a season. Hats off to you Jered. Now make it 21.

I got this

Jered Weaver first in AL to 20 wins as Angels prevail

Here’s where we start. Weaver pulled a Gio Gonzalez and got to the 20 win plateau first. He still probably wont take the Cy Young award home at the end of the year, but he’s still been pretty awesome this year.

Money Quote:

"“We’re not in a pennant race without him,” Angels manager Mike Scioscia said. “You look at just what he’s done virtually every start. I don’t think there’s a more consistent pitcher in our league.”"

Shameless plug from the fearless leader.

Jered Weaver Wins 20th Game as Trout ‘n Trumbo Awaken

Enjoy yourself a little highlight video of Jered Weaver doing his thing tonight.

Weaver picks up 20th win as Angels top Rangers

Watching Nelson Cruz fail is so much fun. It’s almost as fun as watching A.J. Pierzynski fail. Wouldn’y you agree?

Money Quote:

"“Never did I think I’d win 20 games in the big leagues,” Weaver said. “So a lot of things have to go your way in a season to get to that milestone. Guys have picked me up and done great things.”"

You deserved to be picked up after the last two years Weave.

Weaver Becomes AL’s 1st 20-Game Winner To Lead Angels Past Ranger

And also, how about Mike Trout setting the franchise single season runs scored mark on this, his 29th home run of the year? Does anyone else know of any other 30-30 members during their age 20 season? None? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Money Quote:

"Texas’ magic number remains at three to clinch its third straight division crown. The Rangers need one more victory to lock up a postseason spot."

And I would like to see it stay there until after this series concludes on Sunday.

Angels’ Jered Weaver prevents Rangers from clinching playoff berth in 7-4 loss

You know who surprised me the most today? Mark Trumbo. He has been practically invisible for the last two months and then all of a sudden he has a three RBI game with two doubles and a single. And every beat writer on Twitter let us know that it was the first time Mark had a Three hit game since July 15th. Here’s how Mark got it done tonight.

“Keep Torii” Movement Growing Among Los Angeles Angels fans

As much as I want to keep on drooling about Jered Weaver, it is probably best that we move on. If you aren’t on Twitter (and you really should be), then you are missing out on a lot of Torii Hunter Love. Mike Scioscia was quoted recently saying that Torii is reminding him Vladimir Guerrero circa 2004. Torii wants this, bad. Hopefully Thursday night was not the last game he appeared in at Anaheim Stadium wearing an Angels uniform.

Money Quote:

"The Angels are a talented team, without question. The team is dotted with both veterans and youngsters, and the Angels have shown flashes of great potential. If the Angels do reach the playoffs, this could be Hunter’s best and final chance to reach the promised land. Hunter’s play in these last few games of the season suggests he knows it."

Torii’s hungry.

Pantheon seasons but no MVP Award

For a couple weeks now, the only stories touting Miguel Cabrera for MVP have been the type that brush all sabermetrics to the side and focus on the Triple Crown Award. At the same time, most everyone else has been beating the WAR drum (see what I did there). Did any of us care to look up the past WAR leaders who didn’t win the MVP? I know I didn’t, now I’m starting to get worried.

Money Quote:

"1984: Cal Ripken (9.8)I’m not going to list the vote totals here. Ripken finished — get this — 27th! Tigers reliever Willie Hernandez won. Ripken had won the MVP the year before (when the Orioles made the playoffs) and his numbers were nearly identical: .888 OPS in ’83, .884 in ’84. Somehow the voters completely ignored him even though he finished ninth in the AL in OPS. That was enough to give the highest offensive WAR in the league once you adjust for position. Baseball-Reference’s metrics also credit him with one of the best defensive seasons ever (3.5 WAR). Ripken’s defensive skills (positioning, strong arm) weren’t really appreciated at the time."

Correction, really worried.

A Sabermetric Case for Miguel Cabrera’s MVP Candidacy

Well, this is one way to channel your inner Jon Morosi.

Money Quote:

"It’s not that Cabrera is having a bad year. Please note: under any legitimate definition of value, he’s having a fantastic year, maybe even an MVP year in some other seasons. It’s just that according to WARP, Mike Trout is having a year that is just that awesome. If only we were still allowed to make Chuck Norris references."

Alright, I’ll admit it, I LOL’d like crazy at this one.

The AL MVP and the slow death of respectful disagreement

Hey, listen here you. I reserve the right to wear my pocket protector proudly and without shame whenever I am working on something that you will simply never fully understand. What a bunch of bullies. It’s OK though, they still don’t get what I’m saying and that makes what I’m saying that much funnier.

He has a point though. It’s like Democrats and Republicans when it comes to the “Traditionalists” and the “Sabermatricians.” How about we just look at it like this my fellow geeks, when you type in sabermetrics, it still get’s that red line underneath it indicating that it is still not in your computer’s spell checker. We are still the outsiders. One day we will all be able to live in harmony, and people like Keith Law and Rob Parker will be able to skip through a field picking daisies. Today, just isn’t that day.

Money Quote:

"I do think it’s funny that the people who hate the sabermetic crowd go to the whole “nerd” argument so quickly and love to act like none of those guys ever have played the game or gotten a date. I mention this here because McCarthy is a well-documented sabermetics guy. He’s also a good starting pitcher in, you know, the freaking major leagues and has a hot wife. So … yeah, good argument, Rob!"

Score one for the Geek Squad.

I’ll close this out by sending a congratulations out to Homer Bailey for throwing the 15th no hitter in Cincinnati Reds history. And considering they are one of the original teams, that is a lot of history to insert your name into. Congrats Homer.