Link Hangout – Taps edition


Mike Trout becomes youngest member of the 30-30 club, Torii Hunter is on his way to his first .300 season and, C.J. Wilson to have elbow surgery after this season? I’m in the middle of a bet that his forbidden me from baseball this week. So, you can imagine my surprise when I turned on the laptop and looked up the Angels only to find that we were eliminated from playoff contention. I am sad face right now. But, like the Brooklyn Dodgers used to say; “Wait ’till next year.”

Don’t worry Mike, next year you wont have to wait until May to contribute.

Mike Trout gets his own section because he’s Mike Effing Trout

LA Angels’ Mike Trout is youngest 30-30 Club member in professional baseball

So, I wonder if Jon Morosi had considered this when he brushed Trout aside in his article claiming that Miguel Cabrera was the MVP, and that was all there was to it. And, in case you hadn’t noticed, Mike Trout could be in even more exclusive company if he gets two more stolen bases putting him in the 30-50, club which only has two other members, Eric Davis, and Barry Bonds.

Money Quote:

"Trout is one of only 19 players to hit 30 home runs and steal 40 bases in the same season. If you want to be really exact, Trout has 48 steals."

Breaking down the door to history.

Scioscia not surprised by Trout’s power

You know who is surprised by Mike Trout’s power? Me. Very surprised. Happily surprised. I expected this a couple of years from now. So thank you Mike Trout. Thank you for making me look like a fool, because crow never tasted so good.

Sidenote: We could have been celebrating a 40-40 season had he not languished in the minors for four weeks in April.

Money Quote:

"“It’s starting to develop,” Scioscia said. “I don’t think we need to make too much of it. I think you’re seeing a guy who has the potential to drive the ball like he does. He’s just been doing it with frequency that he thought he eventually would get to. But this guy, I mean, he’s a hitter with power. And I think his [opposite-field] power is a difference-maker.”"

Preach it Scioscia.

Hunter to hit .300 for first time in his career

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I heart Torii Hunter. This is great for him, and as a fan, how can you not be happy for someone who has been the pinnacle of professional, and fun, his entire career. As an Angels fan, I hope this doesn’t make him too expensive to keep around after this year. Please stay Torii.

Money Quote:

"Since being placed in the No. 2 spot on June 8, Hunter has posted a .340/.384/.475 slash line. Since the All-Star break, he leads the AL with a .350 batting average. And in 27 September games, he hit .346 with 26 RBIs."

That’s our Big Dog right there.


R.I.P. 2012 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

We might as well get these out of the way now. The Angels are not going to the playoffs, and that sucks, like, bad. And now that they are officially eliminated, expect every sports news source to attack our boys in red.

Money Quote:

"What went rightMike Trout. Mike Trout and Mike Trout. Trout put together a season for the ages, becoming the youngest player to record a 30-30 season and generally take the American League by storm. There’s also Jered Weaver, who could very well win the Cy Young."

We stay positive here people.

Angels, offseason winners, became regular-season also-rans

If there is a list, other than World Series Champions, that includes the Red Sox, I don’t want to be on it. Especially not a list of off season winners being regular season losers. Oh sweet, sweet misery.

Money Quote:

"Despite spending $320 million in the biggest one-day free agent splurge in baseball history, then adding a former Cy Young Award winner in midseason, the Angels were officially eliminated from playoff contention Monday night. While they beat the Mariners 8-4 in Seattle, the Oakland A’s beat the Texas Rangers 4-3 to clinch the final AL playoff spot."

I am so not rooting for the A’s this postseason.

No help, no more hope for Angels

Just keep beating it over our heads why don’t you. By the way, Thanks a lot Rangers.

Money Quote:

"“It’s a little quiet in our clubhouse,” manager Mike Scioscia said. “We’re disappointed that we didn’t reach our goal this season. There’s a lot of good things that happened. We fell short, but we’re going take the positives and move forward and hopefully finish strong.”"

There goes Mike Scioscia with his pre-fabricated quotes again.

Wait, What?

C.J. Wilson injury update: Angels left-hander to undergo elbow surgery

Ok, like anyone else, when I saw “elbow surgery” I immediately thought Tommy John. At least he should be back by the time pitchers and catchers report in February. You know, 140 days from now, not like I’m keeping track or anything.

Money Quote:

"The bone spurs are a legitimate reason for Wilson struggling so badly down the stretch, which raises the question of whether the Angels would have been better served using someone else for those starts. An ERA north of 6 is some serious ugliness, and even a spot starter could have possibly helped the team more than Wilson, who lasted just 2 2/3 innings on Sept. 19 against the Rangers."

Um, ya think.

We’ll let Taps take it from here.

Now that we are officially out, we can turn our attention to 2013. Hopefully our boys come next season with a huge chip on their shoulder needing something to prove.