5 Things To Do Now That Your Favorite Team Is Out of the Playoffs


2012 is toast for the Angels. You watched 162 games and had your heart broken. You started the season with dreams of a World Series and now it ends with a new found hate for Ervin Santana’s off-speed pitches.

Now what? Here are some suggestions.

Credit: Jim Cowsert-US PRESSWIRE

1. Football!

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2. Move to Mexico for Winter Ball

Unless you have a seriously expendable income or are a scout for a professional baseball team, chances are you can’t do this. Wouldn’t it be cool, though? Sell the car, put your possessions in storage, buy some leather sandals and a few jugs of sunscreen, and just get up and move to Southern Mexico for some winter ball. Eat tacos all day and drink Jarritos as you watch Triple-A lifers try and make a statement.

I got a better idea. Why doesn’t MLB make a TV deal with the Mexican Pacific League? I’d watch it. Wouldn’t you?

3. Go to Arizona for Fall Ball

Much like Mexican Winter ball, the purchase of leather sandals and a few jugs of sunscreen is also recommended (it was 98 in Phoenix yesterday!). This time, though, you don’t have to sell the car or worry about the meat in your street taco. And you get to watch future major league stars get their first taste of professional baseball. Reds prospect Billy Hamilton will be there. He stole like 400 bases in the minors this year. So will Randal Grichuk, the Angels prospect picked BEFORE Mike Trout in the 2009 draft. Four days until the league starts. Find out more info via here on MLB.com.

4. Join Instagram, follow Howie Kendrick

For those of you who still live in a log cabin, Instagram is a social media app for mobile smart devices where people share photos. It’s super popular because you can make your photos look weird and artsy and that crappy kind of cool. A lot of famous people are on there. Howie Kendrick is on there. He goes by RedHalo47. For the last week, he’s been posting nothing but photos of his cars. I imagine he’ll be doing that a lot this winter. Too bad he’s not posting photos of how he’s training not to hit into as many double-plays next year.

5. Arbitrarily Pick a Playoff Team, Halfheartedly Root for Them

Isn’t this what most of us will do? Find some almost meaningless reason to root for some team in the playoffs and kind of pretend to ourselves that we care only to realize when it’s all said and done, and the fat lady has sung, and the trophy as been hoisted, and Bud Selig mumbles something, and Tim McCarver attempts to put together a sentence,  that we didn’t actually care at all. Yeah, let’s be honest, that’s exactly what we’ll be doing.