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Jered Weaver is set to throw off of a mound next week, Mark Trumbo and adaptability and, Josh Hamilton is getting booed at home. After being built up by our Buttercup yesterday, the Angels did everything they could just to let us down. And speaking of Buttercup…

All of the pills are gone Mike. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

An Open Letter to Arte Moreno on the Issue of Buttercup

Every year, the fans mumble and grumble about the use of Buttercup during the seventh inning stretch as the Angels “pick me up song.” Every year, the fans break out the hashtag #BooButtercup in an attempt to bring attention to their struggle. And every year, the song keeps getting played. I don’t know if it’s Arte Moreno, or team President John Carpino that pulled the trigger on this decision, but the Angels went 2-1 when they played Sweet Caroline during the seventh inning. I’m not saying that the team should use Sweet Caroline, I’m just, you know, sayin’.

Jered Weaver Set to Throw off Mound Next Week

And not a moment too soon right? Right? Honestly, I wasn’t all that impressed with Weaver in his first couple of starts this season. It will be nice to get the team’s horse back, but this isn’t like getting back a Mike Trout or even an Erick Aybar. This is just a guaranteeing that one of the AAA mops currently on the 25-man roster will be packing the luggage soon. Which, in it’s own way, will be a welcome sight.

Sitting Josh Hamilton Was Stupid

HA! So says you. Freddy Garcia is a meatball pitcher these days, but he’s a meatball pitcher who throws a ton of junk at the plate. Junk, of course, being Hamilton’s main issue so far this season. I agree with Mike Scioscia on his decision to sit Josh. Which was one of the few times I agreed with him yesterday.

Adaptability Makes Trumbo a Vital Cog for the Halos

I absolutely love the strides that Trumbo has made over the course of the last two seasons to improve himself. His power is legit, but his issue has always been plate discipline. He’s made tangible efforts to make serious strides in this aspect of his game, and it shows in the numbers. He’s swinging at less pitches in general this year, because he knows where he likes them. He’s walking in 9.6% of his plate appearances and has a K/BB of 0.39, both of which would easily be career bests. The walk rate is similar to what he did last year, and May is historically his best month, but knowing that he’s swinging less, gives me hope that he’s not the mirage he was in the first half of 2012.

Josh Hamilton Getting Booed At Home

Yeah, so, Hamilton has been bad this year. Like, super-bad. But the booing, that’s lame. We’re the same fans who lauded Texas Rangers fans for being so relentless with Josh when the Angels made their first trip to Arlington this year. The same fans who stood and cheered for Torii Hunter when he made his return. The same fans who have seen countless teams struggle at the Big A. So yeah, the booing is lame. Knock it off.

Yesterday, Hank Conger had himself a little adventure on the base paths. My first reaction, LOL. My second reaction, ask Matt Gwin, creator of House of the Bluebird, if he would be so kind as to GIF that play for me. The result, even more LOLZ.

Thanks again, Matt.