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A breakdown of Albert Pujols‘ running times last week, Peter Bourjos says his hamstring is improving and, Mike Trout to move back to left field once Bourjos returns. After getting Blanton’d last night, it is once again hard to tell exactly which team it is that we will see on the field. Is it the confident team that cruised through a three-game winning streak? or is it this timid team that gets lumped up because of weak pitching?

Apr 26, 2013; Seattle, WA, USA; Los Angeles Angels center fielder Peter Bourjos (25) is greeted in the dugout after scoring a run against the Seattle Mariners during the seventh inning at Safeco Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Rehabbing Bourjos Reports Improvement in Hamstring

This is fantastic. Of course, he is only playing catch, but he looked pretty hobbled when he originally got hurt. It is also great because Peter was hitting .313/.370/.458 when he went down with his injury. It is also great because, his return will force Mike Scioscia to stop slotting J.B. Shuck in the leadoff spot.

This Week in Albert Pujols Playing Through Pain, May, 6 – May, 12

Even though it looks like he is still playing through some pain, it was encouraging to see him get quicker on the base paths this past week.

Scioscia Looks For More Than Offense From Catchers

This article brought to you by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Dead Horses. We get it, ok. Scioscia doesn’t really care what Hank Conger or Chris Iannetta can do with the bat. It is what they do behind the plate that matters the most. It is why we were forced to watch Jeff Mathis play in as many games as he did when he was in Anaheim.

Money Quote:

"Iannetta is currently hitting .195 and only has one hit in his last 10 games. While Hank Conger has started some games — mostly those in which C.J. Wilson started — for the Angels as well, the catcher’s spot has not produced much offensive firepower for the Angels."

Oh. Crap.

Madson Continues to Inch Toward Return to Big Leagues

Cross your fingers, and repeat after me: “Please don’t let there be a setback. Please don’t let there be a setback. Please don’t let there be a setback.”

Too Late for Three Preseason Favorites to Make a Run?

If the AL West leading Texas Rangers were to play .500 baseball from here on out, the Angels would have to go 73-52 to catch them, a winning percentage of .584. Ok, that’s possible. But I don’t see the Rangers playing .500 baseball from here to the end of the season. Time to start jockeying for position for one the Wild Card spots (Although I’m not that confident that this team gets either one of those either).

ANGELS NOTEBOOK: Albert Pujols Hampered by Foot Issue

Is it possible, that this team’s actual goal for the season is to make sure that fans can spell Plantar Fasciitis without having to look it up? Part of me tips my cap to Pujols for playing through this pain. The other part says he’s hurting the team. The other part, wants bacon.

Mike Trout to Play Left Field When Peter Bourjos Returns

Of course he will be. And even though I don’t believe that a players defensive positioning should effect his offensive production, it should be noted that Trout is hitting .324/.375/.608 as a CF compared to his .247/.327/.412 slash line as a LF. Hopefully this is just a sign that Trout is getting back to normal, and not a sign that he is disgruntled when he is in LF.