Link Hangout: Winning is Better Than Losing, Man


Mike Scioscia is pleased with the organization’s pitching depth, imagining a lineup that had both Mike Trout and Miguel Cabrera in it and, Josh Hamilton is starting to heat up. Has anyone else noticed that the winning has picked up since the Angels cut back on the amount of ginger’s on the 25-man roster? No? Just me?

Scioscia Pleased With Organizational Pitching Depth

I wouldn’t say that I am please, so much as I would say that I am in utter shock that, somehow, this team had arms hidden in the Minor Leagues. I know I for one was not counting on Robert Coello to be a key cog in the bullpen. Did you? You did? Liar.

Angels Lineup Could Have Paired Mike Trout and Miguel Cabrera

Maybe. The Angels probably don’t trade for Mark Teixeira in 2008 if they have Miggy on the roster. Of course, it was the Yankees slot in the draft that led to the Angels getting Trout. You know, the one they got when the Yanks signed Tex. Go ahead, Angels fans, continue to be upset with Tex for leaving.

Plate Discipline Adding to Angels Production

And it’s being taken to a severe extreme with Chris Iannetta, who has more walks than hits this year. He might have a Jeff Mathis level batting average, but Jeffy-Poo could only dream of having a .360 OBP.

Angels Eyeing Brighter Days After Gloomy Start

Because, of course they are. They still have to over come an April that was worse than last April, and we all remember how well that turned out.

Everything Going Angels Way as Wins Pile Up

And it’s not just better performance from the team. There have been quite a few questionable calls that have gone the Angels way during this winning streak. Most notably, Mike Trout’s “stolen base” in game two of this four game series with Kansas City Royals. I’ll take it, but it wasn’t even close.

Jepsen Nearing Return to Angels Bullpen

Great, he had a good outing. He also got shelled in his first outing. Me being excited over Kevin Jepsen depends on which version of him shows up when he gets activated from the DL.

Josh Hamilton Strikezone Constellation: The Prime Rib

Damn, I was really hoping for New York striploin.

Buckner Throws Conger a Curve at Bad Time

Are we sure this wasn’t intentional? I mean, this could have just been a daft move by Scioscia to deke out Ned Yost and the Royals. I mean, why not have Billy Buckner throw a curve ball when Hank Conger is “expecting” a pitch-out?

Josh Hamilton Starting to Heat up for Red-Hot Angels

I’ve been afraid to look at Hamilton’s splits, only because, I don’t want to be let down if they aren’t as good as I expect them to be. Luckily, they are as good as I hoped they would be. Maybe, just maybe, this could be when we get to see one of those crazy long stretches where Hamilton puts the team on his back for a nice long stretch of winning baseball.