Link Hangout: Keep Mike Trout Happy Edition


Lots of words about what is going to happen to Mike Trout when Peter Bourjos returns, lots of words about Jered Weaver‘s return and, Josh Hamilton out again with back spasms. I have tried to make this a daily thing here at Halo Hangout. Unfortunately, when you work a night shift job, the need for sleep sometimes gets in the way of blogging.

Trout Will Move Back to Left When Bourjos Returns

We’ll just start here with this, mmmkay? This is what will happen. This is what should happen. I am glad that this is going to happen.

Scioscia Defends Decision to Return Trout to Left

Of course Mike Scioscia had to defend his decision to move Trout back to left field once Bourjos returns, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Mike Trout is one of the best players in baseball. Arguably, the best. And it’s the same kind of move that had writers applauding Miguel Cabrera when he did the same thing last season to accommodate the arrival of Prince Fielder in Detroit. Which brings me too…

What the Halo? Angels Should Leave Trout in Center Field

Oh, Kenny. Kenny, Kenny, Kenny. I briefly thought about FJM’ing this article. You should know that, in the case of J.B. Shuck and every player ever, that minor league production does not translate equally into the Major Leagues. And I know I wrote the other day about Shuck (Shameless self-promotion alert) here, but I’m not naive enough to believe that he can maintain that through an entire 162 game schedule.

And, speaking of Shuck…

J.B. Shuck, Once a Castoff is a Solid Member of the Cast

It must be “Backup Outfielder Appreciation Week.”

Jered Weaver Returns in Time for Angel’s Resurgence

And judging by his performance, his return could catapult both the Angels higher into the standings and, Joe Blanton into the bullpen.

Jered Weaver is Back, and so is His Velocity

Thankfully, the Angels only had to clear one roster spot for Weaver, and not one for his velocity. But, I would’ve understood if the front office had felt it necessary to move someone else to make space for those couple of extra MPH on Weaver’s fastball.

Trout Joins Cabrera in MVP Race, But Davis is the Leader

I’m just about convinced that the Orioles have some kind of machine that fixes broken prospects. At least it’s not just “Cabrera vs. Trout” or “Trout vs. Cabrera” this year. It is, however, way to early to be discussing this kind of stuff.

Peter Bourjos Closes in on Rehab Stint

Hurry up, Pete. Shuck is scheduled to turn back into a pumpkin any day now.

Respect Remains Strong Between Pujols and McGwire

Mark McGwire applauds Albert Pujols for playing through the pain in his foot and knee. I think Pujols should take a couple of weeks off to let the pain and discomfort go away. Obviously, we have different ideas on how to properly contribute to a winning team.

C.J. Instagram’s his Bobble Head

C.J. Wilson is on Instagram, because C.J. Wilson is a social media darling. The bobble head is also, pretty well done.

What Will the Angels Learn From the 2012 Season?

I, personally, would like to see the rest of this list.

Back Spasms Kept Hamilton out of the Starting Lineup, Again

Someone get this man to a masseuse, pronto.