Is It OK to Believe in the Angels Again


OK, you know what I mean… Most Angels fans are diehards and never stop rooting for the team, but what I’m talking about is confidence level. Look, it’s been a rough first-half, again. Last year the team bounced back and made a good run after a horrible start but ultimately, the hole they dug themselves was just too deep to crawl out of.

The Long Answer

Well, after sweeping their first-half nemesis, the Houston Astros, they managed to take two of three games from both the Cards and Sawx including a couple of dramatic, glorious, come-from behind victories. And so it seems the Los Angeles Angels Mash Unit of Anaheim are on a collision-course with an above .500 record before the All Star Break; and maybe even a shot to be within five games of a playoff spot. Amazing considering this team found themselves at least 10 games under .500 several times during the last three months.

Many so-called experts including ESPN (barf), MLB Network (barf again), and some infamous baseball “insiders” like Jon Heyman and Ken Rosenthal (Hack, Barf, and Poop), had totally written off the Angels. In the case of some like Heyman, even going so far as kicking the Angels proverbial dead horse, i.e. trolling Angels fans on social media. Very mature Heyman. Maybe it’s finally time you learn how to hold a bat properly, dear lord!

On Sunday night, Angels fans were treated to the Sunday Night Baseball telecast, rather than listening to our beloved and often misunderstood dynamic duo of Victor Rojas and Mark Gubicza. The treat… listening to an apparently stunned Orel Hershiser, John Kruk, and Dan Shulman as the Angels beat the Red Sox. Oh yes, there was many a misinformed comment in that broadcast. Here’s just a couple examples… 1. Commenting on Weaver’s excellent performance and how he looked like the ”Weaver of old.” So by old do they mean last season where he won 20 games and was yet again in the Cy Young conversation? 2. Like most broadcasters implying the only player of any value on the Angels roster is Mike Trout, assessing said Trout as a player capable of a 25 home run, 40 steal season… So when he exceeded both those totals last season all the while missing an entire month, he’s probably only capable and on pace for 25 homers and 40 steals? Hang on a sec…

Alright, rant on awful announcing over now…

So what do Angels fans finally have to feel good about?

Well, how about an 8-2 record in their last 10 games against two legitimate playoff contenders and a team that’s given them fits all season?

Or maybe the first actual signs of Josh Hamilton returning to Hambone form, hitting for average, power, and showing some real patience at the plate for the first time since the letter on his cap changed from a T to an A, or how about a an 11 game hitting streak with some real, clutch hitting. Like I chatted with a friend about earlier today, HamilBOMBS are HamilFUN, especially when they’re of the late game-tying or walk-off-homer variety.

Or… if they can just take care of business against two teams they should beat in their next five games, say taking four out of those five versus the Cubs and Marinators, they’ll hit the break with a 47-46 record, one game over .500 for the first time since the season started and maybe, just maybe within five of the wildcard…

Add to that, some much needed rest for the Machine during the break, the eventual return of Jason Vargas, the possibility of the addition of Ryan Madson to the bullpen… I’ll believe he is in fact real when I see it… Fool me once with Santa Claus, shame on you, fool me twice with Ryan Madsen and shame on me… Well, I’d say things are looking much, much better. Feel free to believe all you want Angels fans, TODAY WE ARE CANCELLING THE APOCALYPSE!

The Short Answer

Sure! Why not?!?!