Random Ramblings on a Friday about the LA Angels?!?


Friday? That’s right, not Thursday… Friday. Hey… I’ve been out for quite a while.

And just where the heck  have I been? Well, after these last few weeks for the Halos I had to sequester myself in my fortress of solitude, otherwise known as my living room… with the shades drawn… dirty… unshaven… eating only pizza and chicken wings while I rock back and forth repeating over and over, “you gotta tip the cap to em… turn the page.”

Well enough of that! Time to snap out of it! I’m not letting the disaster that has been this season for the Angels ruin the fun I have watching them because Trout knows… the season will be over before we know it and we’ll have no Angels baseball til next year. Plus my wife and kids have forbidden me from remaining in said fortress of solitude.

So what’s a guy to do… jump ship and cheer for that other LA team as MLB Memes suggested in their hilarious tweet the other day? – Not Funny MLB Memes. I’d rather go to the rest room right after Joe Blanton‘s been in there for his usual 45 minute pregame warm up if you know what I mean.  

That was only funny to Dodgers fans. And WE WILL HAVE OUR REVENGE!

But is there any hope, a light at the end of this tunnel? And I don’t mean the kind of light you see from an oncoming train either…

Well, maybe. But not til at least next season.

There has at least been a pretty substantial change, and maybe a change in philosophy. While the team did what they could prior to the trade deadline, at first it seemed like a whole lot of “meh.” But maybe, just maybe the Dipoto hit on something with the Grant Green for Alberto Callaspo deal. I’ll admit, I didn’t know much about Green when the trade happened, but what did stick out to me were two things, 1. Green was drafted ahead of Mike Trout in the 2009 draft; and 2. Green has very impressive numbers in Oakland’s minor league system, particularly with their AAA affiliate, the Sacramento River Cats where he had a nice little slash line of .326/.380/.493 including 11 HRs and 53 RBI in 93 games. The one knock was supposed to be Green’s defense. But really, he’s looked just fine at second base so far. Don’t let this unfortunate picture of Green fool you (yeeeesh)… kid can play!

So maybe, just maybe, Billy Beane‘s saber-metric calculator screwed up some where because I still don’t get that trade, and neither should the Athletic’s supporters.

What that trade also did was possibly set off a chain of events for the upcoming off season. The Angels now have an extra second baseman with potential, real potential, meaning they may be willing, and will most likely find a trade partner who’ll fork over decent pitching for Howie Kendrick.

Also important to keep in mind in this disaster of a season are the primary causes of said disaster. Inconsistent to bad starting pitching, the same for relief pitching, and injuries. PLENTY OF INJURIES.

For a team thin on pitching, to lose their undisputed ace and leader of the team like the Angels did with Jered Weaver for six weeks should have been the kiss of death, almost immediately. Throw in never getting one pitch from a free agent closer we’re told really exists and is not part of some sort of ponzi scheme (Ryan Madson), Sean Burnett making a couple of cameo appearances in our sitcom, and the axis of suck that has been the Angels three, four and five starting spots this season, half an Albert for the first half of the season, no Albert for the second half, and 50% of Josh Hamilton and there you go… we are the suck.

But without those injuries, acceptable contributions from the Angels overall pitching staff and Josh Hamilton, and no Joe Blanton… and well… the Angels would most likely still be playing meaningful baseball right now.

And that reminds me… Joe Blanton… I know the Angels most likely have to keep him around next season but seriously… HOW CAN THEY?

I’m convinced there is evil behind Joe Blanton’s goatee, and that evil has infected the Angels pitching staff. For the team’s sake he must be removed… sort of a Blantonectomy. I’ve created, through advanced computer modeling, what I believe gives Blanton’s goatee it’s evil powers and it’s not pretty, and neither is the math that theoretically proves my theory. For all your sake’s, I’ve somewhat censored what I believe is under that foul goatee.
…I’m pretty sure you get the idea.