World Series Preview and Predictions, San Francisco Giants vs. Kansas City Royals


The 2014 World Series gets underway tonight between the San Francisco Giants and Kansas City Royals. The Royals come in having won eight playoff games in a row and haven’t technically lost one since October 23, 1985 versus the St. Louis Cardinals. The Giants made their way out of the National League Wild Card on the road against Pittsburgh, and then defeated the Washington Nationals, and finally moved on to the World Series defeating the Cardinals in five games.

This is the second World Series in the Wild Card era to have both teams be wild cards. The first was between the San Francisco Giants and the Anaheim Angels. The Angels came out on top in 7 games, with Troy Glaus winning the MVP.

These two teams weren’t the two teams anyone predicted to be here and if you did feel free to send prove to @HaloHangout on Twitter. Nonetheless, the Royals are in the hearts of everyone outside of San Francisco and Ned Yost continues to make the right move, even when we believe it isn’t the right move. Can the magic continue for Yost and the Royals or will Bruce Bochy and the Giants come out victorious?

Bold Predictions: 

High Scoring: Both of these teams aren’t known for their offensive prowess but I have a feeling this series could see some high scoring games. The Giants have a big ballpark and the Royals have some speed. A couple balls in the gaps could see some runners flying around the bases scoring a lot of runs. I will say three games will have at least 10 runs scored combined in them.

Royals Defense: All we have heard all season long is that the Royals defense has been the best in the league and it has, but they haven’t played at AT&T Park. All three games that the Royals swept this season were played at Kauffman Stadium in early August. Right field is tricky and we have seen Nori Aoki have some trouble earlier this postseason. I think the Royals have at least one big mishap that costs them a run in this series from their outfield defense.

Running Game: The Royals love to run, but we saw in the last series versus the Orioles that they didn’t steal as much. I don’t see them stealing many bases in this series either. I think they rely on their offense to put the ball in play, and take extra bases. I just have a feeling the running game won’t play that big of a factor in the series.

Giants bullpen outperforms Royals pen’: All season long the Royals ‘pen has been fantastic but in this series I think they have a mishap and it costs them. The bullpen doesn’t give up home runs and I think that could come to an end in this series. The most amount of pressure all season long is now and I think the Royals bullpen will fold while the Giants ‘pen shines in the background.

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