LA Angels still have some fight, snap the 11 game skid.

Aug 16, 2016; Anaheim, CA, USA; Los Angeles Angels catcher Jett Bandy (13) and right fielder Kole Calhoun (56) celebrate defeating the Seattle Mariners 7-6 at Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports
Aug 16, 2016; Anaheim, CA, USA; Los Angeles Angels catcher Jett Bandy (13) and right fielder Kole Calhoun (56) celebrate defeating the Seattle Mariners 7-6 at Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports /

Last night the LA Angels were not going to be denied. The losing streak weight heavily among the players and they responded. The Angels fought Seattle to break the losing streak and win by a score of 7-6.

For the LA Angels, this season may simply be about silver lining. This season may be about finding a feel good moment and capturing it in hopes of building from it. Last night was that moment, the Angels were on a massive losing streak winning just their third game this month.

Albert Pujols led the comeback with a three-run homer that tied the game at four. The Mariners would score twice following that with Robinson Cano getting to home plate on a wild pitch and Kyle Seager hitting a sacrifice fly bringing the score to 6-5. In the bottom of the 8th, Jefry Marte blasted a solo shot homer and Cliff Pennington tripled giving the Angels the lead and the win.

This was a much needed win, simply to stop the bleeding. It’s unlikely this will change the culture of the LA Angels and they’ll go on a nice 7 game win streak. However, this game is the one where the Angels and the fans can breathe a sigh of relief.

This game shows the LA Angels aren’t going quietly into the night. Despite their record, there’s still a lot to play for in 2016

Now, questions still remain for the Halos: How can the LA Angels improve their farm system? Will they bring in an ace pitcher during the off-season? Will Garrett Richards pitch in 2017?

These questions will be answered slowly and probably as quietly as they can be. The Angels have gone from an outspoken, big spending team, to an analytical hush hush approach. Neither of which fully has paid off. However, spending big won them the AL West in 2014.

The LA Angels still have a lot to play for, pride being the biggest reason. No one wants to be a bottom feeder in their league, especially when you have a superstar of Mike Trout’s caliber.  The Angels have to win games, they also have to ensure their star players don’t get hurt.

Addressing the article i wrote concerning Mike Sciosica.

Yesterday, i wrote a piece about letting Mike Scioscia go from his clubhouse duties. While i never used the words fire or cast out into exile, i feel that my article was taken that way. Which is fine, my reasoning for this article was an idea to insert a new attitude into the clubhouse. Sometimes in life, a change must be made to reach the goals that need to be met.

Was it Byron Scott’s fault the Los Angeles Lakers were horrible last season? No, however he was dismissed anyway and they brought in a new younger Luke Walton. Change isn’t always a bad thing, Sosh could even move to an office position within the organization. He doesn’t have to be fired, which is why you won’t find that word in my article.

When we elect a new president, his term is every four years and the president isn’t allowed to serve more than eight years. Just because i would like a new clubhouse manager doesn’t mean i have “no real insider baseball facts about this team.” What i does mean is that i; like you, am a hardcore Angels fan with an opinion about how things should be done.

To me, a manager who’s been at his post for 16 years in sports is way too long. Sosh has done some great things for this organization and i would suspect that the fans will never forget it. However, sometimes a change is needed. Since we can’t fire Arte Moreno maybe this is a secondary solution.

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Moving forward, the LA Angels aren’t going to be sold be Arte Moreno, even though he’s horrible.

Arte Moreno is like having a bad president that everyone hates. He’s the actor who played Atacand Skywalker in Star Wars Episode III that everyone thought ruined the saga. However, Arte Moreno isn’t going anywhere. He’ll continue to make bad decision after bad decision, it’s simply what he does.

We as fans can continue to voice our discontent for Moreno and we should. He had a vision to bring in a bunch of big-time players and have them chase a ring and it blew up in his face. Arte Moreno is a bad owner, i wrote a piece on this very subject.

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The fact of the matter is Arte is a owner who is playing loose and fast with the money he makes off this team. People will still buy tickets to see Mike trout, and the Angels will suffer because of outrageous contracts to players who probably didn’t deserve them. However, that doesn’t change the fact he’s the owner and there’s not a lot we can do since we don’t make that kind of money.