Will Mike Scioscia stay with Angels after contract runs out in 2018?


After winning the World Series in only his third year as a manager Mike Scioscia was heralded as a savior and everyone in Angels Nation was singing his praises. However times they are a changing.

Since 2002 the Angels have not made it back to the Fall Classic, and have only made it to the ALCS twice in 15 seasons under Mike Scioscia. The Angels did have an impressive run winning the AL West in five out of six seasons from 2004 to 2009 which kept many fans happy.

However since 2009 the Angels have only made the playoffs once (a 2014 three-game sweep at the hands of the Royals.) and have had three seasons, 2010, 2013, and this season where they finished under .500 and well out of the race.  In recent years including this year fans have wanted Mike Scioscia’s head on a silver platter.

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Management has given Scioscia a vote of confidence each year and he is still here in Anaheim.  With only two more years left on his 10-year extension the Angels are likely to let him manage through the end of his contract provided the team does not have another year like the past season, although much of that can be tied to all the injuries the Angels suffered throughout the season.

So if Sciosica does make it through to the end of his contract in 2018, what will the Angels do with him then? Scioscia will be 58-years old at that point which is still relative young in managerial terms, but will the Angels want him back.  For that matter will Scioscia want to come back?

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Much will depend on what happens the next two seasons at least on the Angels part.  For Scioscia though it could be time for a change in his eyes.  He is a Pennsylvania native so it is feasible he would jump if his hometown Philadelphia Phillies came calling.

Another scenario could be for Scioscia to become a team president or a general manager for a team, maybe even the Angels (no offense to Billy Eppler). A third scenario could be for Scioscia to return to the Dodgers in some capacity since he played his whole career with them and also managed in their minor-league system before leaving to become the Angels skipper.  Right now Dave Roberts seems to have a lot of favor with management so the Dodgers managerial job will most likely not be available, but you never know how things can change in two seasons.

My bet is that you will see Mike Scioscia in Anaheim in some capacity after his current contract runs out.  Most likely as a manager or maybe as team president.  That is my gut feeling.  He is a good baseball man and has done a lot for the franchise since he got here in 2000.

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However, the question will be if Scioscia chooses to accept such a position.  I do believe if the Angels offer him to stay on as manager by extending his contract after the 2018 season that he would accept it, but you never know.