LA Angels Now Need a Miracle for Playoffs

CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 25: Mike Trout /

The LA Angels went into the final week of the season in poor playoff positioning. After a Monday night loss, they are in need of an absolute miracle to make the playoffs.

The LA Angels lost by a score of 4-2 on Monday night. Mike Trout hit a home run, marking his 30th on the season. It was just another disappointing game for the Halos. And now, it will be nearly impossible for them to make the playoffs.

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The Halos and Twins each have six games to go. The Halos currently sit five games behind the Twins for the Wild Card race. Kansas City, Texas, and Tampa Bay all sit one game behind the Halos. They would all need the Halos and Twins to lose all their games while also going undefeated in the final six games if one of them was to make the playoffs.

In reality, it is between the Twins and Angels. Actually, it is barely between the Twins and Angels. For the Halos to win the Wild Card outright, they would need to win the rest of their games while the Twins drop all of their final six. That is extremely unlikely, but so is every other situation where the Angels make the playoffs.

The Angels are most likely looking at a Game 163 if they hope to make the playoffs. If the Angels win out, and the Twins are only able to win one game, they would tie for the second American League Wild Card spot. This would cause a one game matchup between the teams for the chance to beat the Yankees in the real Wild Card Game.

The Twins would host a potential Game 163 due to them owning a tiebreaker over the Halos. This game would most likely take place on the Monday following the end of the regular season. That would slate Garrett Richards, the probable starter in Wednesday’s game, as the option for a Game 163. So if the Halos get there, they could be in good hands.

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Overall, the Angels making the playoffs are near impossible. As the late great John Belushi once asked, “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!”