New Years keys to success for LA Angels

ARLINGTON, TX - JULY 04: Matt Joyce
ARLINGTON, TX - JULY 04: Matt Joyce /
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Keeping Ohtani Healthy

This is a plain, somewhat over-discussed notion, yet the simplicity and truth behind the statement regards a crucial need for keen management. Yes, keeping the incoming star in tip-top shape is an obvious sentiment, yet the actual mechanics behind Shohei Ohtani’s health requires a deft and decisive hand from Scioscia. This ties into the need for consistent bullpen roles as Ohtani’s ease of pitching in his starts goes hand in hand with properly applied bullpen management. Suddenly the idea that Ohtani’s health is key begins to play into other managerial aspects; a consistent and successful bullpen, swift construction of the over-abundant starting staff, and maintaining a strong rotation of resting/active players.

Ohtani’s health is a byproduct of proper player management, it isn’t simply a matter of regards towards a single player, but an entire 25 man roster. Scioscia has shown struggles regarding player/bullpen management, which highlights and necessitates the need to be 200% on top of roster management. Given that Scioscia has displayed stubborn and indecisive behaviors over the course of his Angels career it is of prime importance that manages his roster with little fault in order to maintain the success of individuals such as Ohtani.

Especially once you realize that Ohtani will require a lot of oversight in regards to his health.