New Years keys to success for LA Angels

ARLINGTON, TX - JULY 04: Matt Joyce
ARLINGTON, TX - JULY 04: Matt Joyce /
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Leadership for Trout

This doesn’t mean what you’d expect it to, the Angels don’t need to ask for more leadership from Trout (as if that’s possible), but provide leadership to Trout. Mike Trout has been the sole team leader for far too long especially, the benign and under performing Pujols is limited in what he can offer due to the examples he provides in his performance.

Trout has been “the guy” for his whole career, but he hasn’t really had a guy to look to for leadership since Torii Hunter. Everyone needs someone to look towards to bear weight off their shoulders, and it doesn’t seem like Trout has had anyone to rely on but himself and the team.

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Yes, I understand that a players support system is their entire team, but realistically it’s hard to imagine the best player in baseball finds leadership in the players surrounding him that he hasn’t already provided.

However, 2018 is bringing a lot of prime leadership to the Angels, players like Ian Kinsler and Zack Cozart can provide many examples of success that Trout hasn’t fully grasped on his own yet. He can learn how to truly cope and recuperate from loss from Ian Kinsler, or how to battle against your own deepest set struggles and come out on top from Zack Cozart.

What Scioscia needs to do in this regard is keep his players in line for success and allow the natural leadership of veterans to kick in. No one wants to see our veterans forced into providing strong leadership through poor circumstance, that’s the easiest way to suffocate the messages of leadership from the veterans to the youth.

All in all, one of the biggest needs of the Angels going into 2018 is an improved sense of player management from Mike Scioscia. If the LA Angels can accomplish this goal as an organization it will spell nothing but success and glory for the team.