Mike Trout is About the Have the Greatest Season…Ever

Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels, (Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)
Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels, (Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images) /

On Sunday, Mike Trout hit a ball over the fence for the fourth straight day, marking only the second time in his career he has done so.

Even before doing so, Mike Trout was on pace for the greatest season by a single player in the history of the MLB. Before the first pitch of the Angels’ third straight victory, Trout had amassed 1.0 Wins Above Replacement (WAR) through the teams first nine games as he carried his slumping teammates and made an early MVP case.

I realize that sentence doesn’t have any significance yet, but let me explain how phenomenal that is. The all-time best season by a player, was Babe Ruth‘s 1923 season, in which he finished the year with 14.1 WAR. Since the turn of the millennium, Barry Bonds‘ 2001 season earned the highest mark with 11.9 WAR.

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And Mike Trout, nine games into the year, already has one WAR. After this game, the tenth game of the season where he added another home run en route to the Angels’ win, he’ll have an even higher mark.

However, for argument’s sake, let’s just say he has 1.1 WAR through the team’s first ten games. And to make the math easier, let’s say Trout plays 160 games this year. That would amount to 17.6 WAR for the entire season, shattering Ruth’s mark of 14.1. Assume Trout does end up missing some time for rest, injury, etc., and only plays 150 games. He would still finish 2019 with 16.5 WAR.

Obviously players can start seasons hot then fade off as the year goes on. But Mike Trout has never been the type of player to do so. In fact, Trout typically accelerates his play in June and July. The idea of Trout performing better than he has over the past week is truly mind-boggling, but could become reality this year in Anaheim.

And before you point out that Trout won’t hit a home run every game, let us not forget that Trout did not have the best start to the season. The first series in Oakland, followed by the two-game set against the Mariners, saw Mike Trout fail to make his typical mark on the games. While he has obviously picked it up since, it isn’t out of the question at all for Trout to exceeds Ruth’s record.

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It is also worth noting that before his time away last season, Trout was on pace to eclipse the record. And hey, if he doesn’t break the record this year for the Angels, at least he’ll get 11 more tries, right?