LA Angels Need Dillon Peters to Fill Holes in 2020

Dillon Peters, Los Angeles Angels, (Photo by Kent Horner/Getty Images)
Dillon Peters, Los Angeles Angels, (Photo by Kent Horner/Getty Images) /

While the LA Angels have already begun filling holes in their rotation and aim to add one or two big names to their rotation, Dillon Peters’ role going into 2020 is uncertain.

Last season, the LA Angels were forced to lean on Dillon Peters heavily down the stretch. As injuries continuously weakened the rotation, they moved him from a bullpen arm to the rotation.

His results throughout the season were iffy at best. A 5.38 ERA isn’t anything to write home about. However, there is some light. Prior to a disastrous month of September, Peters sported a more respectable 4.13 ERA. He showed flashes of being a potential rotation piece prior to his putrid last month of the season.

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Next year, though, the Angels are hoping they won’t have to rely on Dillon Peters the starting pitchers, but Dillon Peters the reliever instead. Though his numbers as a reliever throughout his career aren’t great, it’s a small sample size for the southpaw. He has the dynamic breaking balls to be an effective long-man out of the bullpen. Considering the MLB rule change stating pitchers have to face at least three batters (or finish an inning) before being subbed out next season, a guy like Peters could be valuable.

His career splits against lefties are much better than when he faces right-handed batters. The Angels’ bullpen lacks a left-handed pitcher, so Peters has the ability that role in 2020 if the team decides to use him as specialist. He could also be the team’s multi-inning reliever. Last season, Noe Ramirez and Trevor Cahill were the Angels’ options when they needed a reliever to pitch more than one inning, and Peters could potentially be an upgrade over both.

So while his role remains unclear going into 2020, Dillon Peters May be asked to do quite a bit of things for Joe Aladdin and the Angels. Maybe he’ll start, maybe he’ll be a lefty specialist, maybe he’ll be a long reliever.

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However, by doing all of those things, the Angels are asking Peters to do one thing: fill the holes wherever the team needs. And Peters might just be equipped well-enough to do that.