LA Angels Top Five Plays of 2019

As Halo Hangout puts out end of the year/decade contents, let’s take a look at the five best single plays the LA Angels pulled off this season.

Keep in mind, these are the five best individual plays the LA Angels had this year, not the best moments. While context is obviously important, these are narrowed down to one single sequence between two dead balls.

Honorable Mention: Debbie Skaggs First Pitch

While she isn’t employed by the Angels, Debbie Skaggs makes this list for her first pitch on the night the Angels honored Tyler Skaggs and promptly threw a no-hitter. That night was ultimately the top moment of the entire decade for the Angels, and it all got started by Mrs. Debbie Skaggs heater to Andrew Heaney.

5.) Fletcher Dives, Flips to Simmons

Towards the end of the season, when most Angels fans were checked out, David Fletcher and Andrelton Simmons continued doing what they do best: flipping double plays. This one against Houston was especially mesmerizing, as it showcased each player’s best talents.

Fletcher’s hustle and flip were dead on. Simmons’ ability to quickly catch and release at any angle at the blink of an eye is prevalent here, and was just enough to get the runner out at first. The Simmons/Fletcher combo up the middle is phenomenal, and for a 1 minute compilation of the duo turning two, click here.

4.) Trout’s 13th July Big Fly

Everything about this home run is phenomenal. Mike Trout? Phenomenal. The center fielder thinking he had a chance to catch it? Phenomenal. The home run being Mike Trout’s 13th of July, thus breaking the Angels’ record? Phenomenal.

The high socks are a beautiful touch as well.

3.) Thaiss Saves the No-No

While most people probably remember the final out of the Angels’ combined no-hitter, it was Matt Thaiss‘ diving stop at third base to begin the sixth that always stands out in my mind. That play alone is great, but when one considers Thaiss was a catcher out of college who had just begun playing third base earlier in 2019, it becomes even more spectacular.

2.) Pujols Dinger in St. Louis

It was an injustice that Albert Pujols had to wait until his eighth season to return to the city where he won three MVP’s and two World Series. However, it was well worth the wait. From the beautiful swing, to the rocket of a line drive, to the curtain call he received afterwards, this was truly a moment captured in time, and not one any Angels or Cardinals fan will forget anytime soon.

1.) Trout Robs Yelly

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I mean, come on. This was a perfect moment. Christian Yelich is arguably the best player in the MLB outside of Anaheim, so to see Mike Trout rob him of a home run (and Yelich tip his cap to the GOAT afterwards), was a soothing reminder of Trout’s greatness and superiority amongst other top players in the MLB.

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