LA Angels Should Ink Jo Adell to an Extension ASAP

It’s been quite some time since the LA Angels had a top five prospect in baseball. Jo Adell has ended that drought, and the Halos should lock him up long-term before he even steps in the MLB.

The LA Angels are in win-now mode. They’ve spent over $250 million this offseason to get them into position for a Wild Card race. Having Jo Adell on their Opening Day roster would go a long way in helping them get there.

Is Adell a perfect prospect? No. Will he go through growing pains once he reaches the MLB? Probably. Nevertheless, the Angels should follow the route the Chicago White Sox took last week, and attempt to sign Jo Adell to an extension immediately.

Luis Robert is a top prospect in baseball for the White Sox, and rather than manipulate his service time this upcoming season, the White Sox agreed to a 6-year, $50 million deal that could go much longer with club options. This guarantees Robert more money than he’s ever dreamed of right now, while also providing flexibility for the club going forward.

The Angels should do the same. While Adell’s agent, Scott Boras, has a long track record of preferring his players to hit free agency to maximize on their value, there’s no pain in trying. Jered Weaver, a former Boras client, agreed to an extension with the Angels before hitting free agency, so maybe they can strike a deal again.

This is a trend we’re seeing more and more in baseball. Paying a player during the years where they’d make the league minimum or be in arbitration while also buying out some of their free agent years has been done throughout the MLB. From prospects like Robert and Eloy Jimenez Jr. to stars like Alex Bregman.

Even if Adell isn’t ready to be on the big league roster come Opening Day, this is still a deal worth pursuing. Mike Trout is making $35.45 million every year for the next 11 years. If the Angels can sign Adell to a deal similar to the Robert contract, they’d be paying their two star outfielders a combined $45 million for the next 6-8 years.

Nowadays, team’s have to find value in every place they can. Having Adell, a potential All Star,  on that type of deal gives them a ridiculous advantage when constructing the rest of their roster.

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Considering he’s nearly unavailable in trade discussion, the Angels are obviously confident in Adell’s ability to be a star in the MLB. Now, they should back up that confidence and try extending Jo Adell before Spring Training rolls around.

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