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The Three Dates That Shaped the Angels History

By Luke Graham
World Series Champion Anaheim Angels (LEE CELANO/AFP via Getty Images)
World Series Champion Anaheim Angels (LEE CELANO/AFP via Getty Images) /
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Angels World Series
World Series Champion Anaheim Angels (LEE CELANO/AFP via Getty Images) /

October 27, 2002: The Angels beat the Giants in Game 7 to win the World Series 

Obviously, this date is one of the most important dates of all time.  While it may not have any long-lasting impact on the franchise for future years like the other two dates, it is without a doubt one of the happiest moments in Angels history.

The night that the Angels won their first World Series.

The Angels, to this point, had been in three American League Championship series, never advancing to the World Series.  Coming off of a year where they had 75 wins and the following year they had 77 wins, it was an odd title but none the less, a well-deserved one.

The world’s eyes were locked on none other than Barry Bonds in the 2002 World Series and a good chunk of the baseball world were wanting to see a legend get a ring.  The Angels, however, had other plans.  Down 5-0 in the 7th of game 6 with the trophy in the Giants clubhouse, Scott Spiezio hit a 3 run shot to get the Angels back in the game on a 3-2 count.    Erstad homers, Glaus doubles, and all that momentum led to game 7.

Behind the rookie John Lackey, the Angels would cruise on to a 4-1 win in game 7 to take home their first and only World Series.  This day would change the way baseball fans would perceive the Angels forever.  Coming off of a losing season, a mediocre history, they would go on and beat Barry Bonds and the Giants.  Now forever, the Angels have their name sketched in the record books as World Series Champions and nobody can take away that memorable ride or that night from the players and Angels faithful.