Angels Rumors: 3 reasons the Halos should trade for David Price

Joe Maddon, David Price (Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images)
Joe Maddon, David Price (Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images) /
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Maybe they care, or perhaps they don’t, but I would imagine the Dodgers would not want to continue paying the luxury tax penalty in the next few seasons. The tax rate will hit 30 percent for the defending champs and will be raised to 50 percent if the Dodgers go over next season.

Bauer will make $45 million in 2022 if he does not opt-out, Clayton Kershaw will be a free agent, and Mookie Betts will make $25 million next season. If the Dodgers can compete without Price, I don’t see why they want to have an extra $16 million on the payroll for next year. The Red Sox will pay the other $16 million half from their previous deal.

The Angels can afford to take on that amount for next season. Only Mike Trout ($37.1 mil), Anthony Rendon ($36.5 mil), Justin Upton ($28 mil), and Shohei Ohtani ($5.5 mil) are on the books for next season. If he has a good season, a potential trade of Upton could lower that figure as well.

It would be a matter of how much the Halos value Price entering the 2022 season at 36-years old.

The Angels could get David Price at a low-salary for the 2021 season.

As for this season, the Angels currently have ~$18.8 million left on their payroll before hitting the luxury tax. Unless they plan on paying penalty fees, something that’s only happened once in Arte Moreno’s 17-year tenure, the Dodgers will need to take on a piece of Price’s 2021 salary.

It is something we have seen already this offseason. The Orioles will pay $10 million of Cobb’s salary, and the Cardinals are paying $14.75 million for Dexter Fowler to play for the Halos this season.

Would the Dodgers be willing to pay around half of $16 million to have Price pitch for someone else in 2021? If it’s an intriguing return package and gives Dustin May or Julio Urias a spot in the rotation, I don’t see why not.