Mike Trout transferred to the 60-Day IL for LA Angels

Mike Trout, LA Angels (Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)
Mike Trout, LA Angels (Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images) /

Mike Trout will not be back for the LA Angels until July 18th at the earliest.

He has been transferred to the 60-Day IL, which means that he will be out 60 days from when he was originally placed on the Injured List. That was May 18th.

The latest Trout was supposed to be injured until was until July 14th, a day after the All-Star Game. Now he will not only miss the All-Star Game, but the first two games after the All-Star break as well.

Mike Trout’s injury turned out to be a little more serious than originally thought by the LA Angels.

Remember, the LA Angels originally thought that Mike Trout could potentially be back by today.

That being said, his right calf strain will likely only cost him four more days from what was originally thought of as the worst-case scenario, so it’s not the most disappointing news.

Trout did hit in the cage yesterday at Angel stadium, so it’s good to see that he’s getting there.

He’s going to cap off a monster year when he comes back.

Before he was injured, he was having perhaps the best year of his career. He was hitting .333/.466/.624 with a 1.090 OPS. Those are all career-highs.

With eight home runs in 36 games, he was on pace for 36 bombs this season.

He hasn’t committed a single error in multiple years. Before he landed on the IL the first time on May 18th, he was on pace to score 103.5 runs this year, being at 23 up to that point.

Don’t put it past him to win the AL MVP Award despite only being able to play in a maximum of 106 games this year. Trout has won the AL MVP despite dealing with injuries during the year before.

He’s so consistent that his presence is immediately going to be felt around the league as soon as he gets back. Literally no MVP voter will forget about him. They’ve voted him as MVP three times before.

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Nobody in general has forgotten about him either, as he easily leads AL outfielders in All-Star voting. His legacy hasn’t gone anywhere, and he’ll be back on the baseball field soon.