LA Angels: How Adam Eaton signing helps LAA for second half

The LA Angels have reportedly signed veteran OF Adam Eaton a couple of days after he was released by the Chicago White Sox.

The money hasn’t been reported yet, but it has been reported that Eaton is going to be signed to a Major League deal.

Eaton was released after having arguably the worst year of his career. He clearly needs a change of scenery.

This change of scenery will have Adam Eaton helping the LA Angels in the second half.

How exactly could Adam Eaton hurt the LA Angels? He couldn’t.

The thing is, it’s only up from here. This season was a clear outlier for Eaton in his career. This is only one of two seasons in his career where he’s had an on-base percentage under .300 in his career, and one of only three where he’s had an on-base percentage under .361.

The change of scenery will help him. He’ll be in a division he’s never been in before. He doesn’t have the wheels or the defense he once did, but he’s flashed both at times this year.

Again, a change of scenery is what Eaton needs to get back to doing these things consistently. It wasn’t long ago when he was a key starter for a World Series Champion team.

It literally happened in his last 100 games played. He’s not far off from when he was last playing his best baseball.

If the Angels make the playoffs, they want a guy like Eaton. This is the same guy who batted .320/.433/.560 in the 2019 World Series with two bombs and six runs driven in.

The Eaton signing may not be looked at as a high-profile move, because Adam Eaton isn’t one of the better center fielders in the league anymore. In fact, he hasn’t played center field in years.

It is, however, a savvy move that comes with little risk and can pay huge dividends come October.