Is it best for Mike Trout to take his time with calf injury?

Mike Trout, LA Angels. (Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)
Mike Trout, LA Angels. (Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images) /

Mike Trout has been on the IL for the LA Angels since May 18th.

His calf strain originally had him out six to eight weeks, but he later ended up getting put on the 60-day IL.

The hope was that Trout would be back at some point in this first series after the All-Star break for the Angels, but now that doesn’t look like such a sure bet.

Mike Trout’s injury may be more serious for the LA Angels than people originally made it out to be.

When the LA Angels announced that Mike Trout would be out for six to eight weeks, it was clear that his calf strain was a little more serious than a typical strain.

When strains are set to take that long to heal, they’re typically a little more than a strain. The calf is likely torn a little bit.

These type of injuries also can be re-injured relatively easily.

Virginia Zakas of The Athletic pointed out that it seams like Trout isn’t ready to come back all that soon.

Zakas’ piece highlights that Trout has been hitting off the machine, but Zakas hasn’t heard anything about him running just yet.

Calf muscles are crucial to plantarflexion in the ankle and the foot of an athlete, which is needed for jumping and running.

If Trout’s calf isn’t healed up by then, playing baseball could cause it to be re-injured rather easily.

The best move may be to wait this out, and give him as much time as that calf possibly needs. That may mean that he could be out until almost September.

If the Angels do take their time with his injury, however, he’ll likely not re-injure it (knock on wood) and be able to help propel the Halos to the playoffs.

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The Angels can’t seem to catch many breaks this year, and may need to keep plugging along without their franchise player for much longer at this point.