LA Angels: Finally some positive news in Mike Trout injury saga

Mike Trout, LA Angels. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
Mike Trout, LA Angels. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports /

When Mike Trout strained his calf in mid-May, the LA Angels thought he’d be out just six to eight weeks.

That timetable kept extending and extending, and it eventually looked like he’d be back in late-August at the latest. Well, we’ve been approaching that mark without his calf really healing. That is, however, until the weekend, when we heard that Trout has begun traveling with the team again.

This is crucial. It wasn’t long ago when Trout stopped traveling with the team, which seemed to signal that things were not okay. This is certainly big news because there’s finally progress, which we haven’t seen in a long time.

Mike Trout is finally back on the road to recovery from his calf injury.

This year has been tough for the LA Angels, and in large part due to Mike Trout’s injury.

I love the way he’s going about it, though, as he’s still grinding his way through this adversity despite things not going the way he originally thought they would in this recovery.

I mean, imagine originally being told that you were going to miss six to eight weeks. Seeing that time pass by more and more must be absolutely exhausting. The fact that he’s still taking this season seriously despite seeing other Angels being shut down speaks volumes to his character and dedication to this ballclub.

It’s also great for the team to have him and his leadership around as much as possible. I loved seeing him have as much fun as he did in the game Monday. Having a positive-energy guy like Trout in the clubhouse means everything.

I’m feeling more confident that we will get Trout back in a week or two.

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If we can get back to .500 by the time he’s back, we just might surprise some people this September.