LA Angels should offer contract extension to this arb player this offseason

Mike Mayers, LA Angels. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Mike Mayers, LA Angels. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Angels have several players who are arbitration eligible this offseason.

Junior Guerra, Phil Gosselin, Max Stassi, and Mike Mayers all are arbitration eligible.

One of these guys have warranted what should be extensions before push begins to come to shove in the arbitration process. Some of them haven’t earned that kind of trust from the team.

Mike Mayers should be offered a contract extension from the LA Angels this offseason.

Mike Mayers deserves a contract extension due to him turning into a quality bullpen arm in his time with the LA Angels.

When Mayers was in St. Louis, it was bad.

In his four seasons there, he posted a 7.03 ERA and walked 3.7 batters per nine innings. His WHIP was a lackluster 1.698. He also wasn’t striking many guys out, averaging just 7.8 Ks per nine innings.

In his two seasons with the Angels, he’s been a different ballplayer.

Mayers has posted a 3.34 ERA in his two years here, and drastically lowered his WHIP to 1.181. He still walks too many guys (three per nine innings), but strikes out 11.4 per nine innings.

He’s cut down on the amount of home runs he’s given up (1.7 per nine innings with the Cardinals to 1.1 with the Halos).

He’s been a way better pitcher with our team, and we need to keep him around. We should avoid the arbitration drama and negotiations, and go right ahead and sign him to an extension.

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He’s not an elite option, but he’s a quality ‘glue guy’ who can get the job done and provide depth for this pen.