1 Angels prospect that will be a star, 1 that won't, and 1 that will just be serviceable

Which, if any, Angels prospects are bound for stardom?
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Kyren Paris won't be a star

While there was a lot to like about wha Schanuel brought to the table, there was a lot to dislike about how Kyren Paris looked in his brief MLB stint. The young infielder was promoted to start September and had the chance to play every day with the Angels out of it but failed to take advantage. He had just four hits in 40 at-bats, striking out 17 times.

If the strikeouts weren't a concern already, I would've just dismissed this as Paris struggling in his first crack against MLB pitching. The problem is the hit tool is what's held the young infielder back as it is. We know he's got some power as he hit 14 home runs and tacked on 23 doubles in AA Rocket City this season. We know he has tremendous speed thanks to his 44 stolen bases. The problem with Paris' AA production is he hit .255 with 151 strikeouts in 415 at-bats.

Paris striking out 36% of the time in AA simply isn't going to cut it. I don't know if it's an approach issue only as he drew a ton of walks, but putting the ball in play has been a challenge for Paris throughout his minor league career. We've seen how this approach has killed guys like Jo Adell and Trey Cabbage. Putting the ball in play, especially with his speed, has to be something he improves upon. It's very hard to think much of him until he does that.