1 other pitcher to add after signing Tyler Anderson

Oct 1, 2022; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Ross Stripling (48) pitches against
Oct 1, 2022; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Ross Stripling (48) pitches against / John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Angels have signed Tyler Anderson to a three-year $39 million dollar deal. Anderson is likely going to be the number two starter behind Shohei Ohtani.

The Angels now have Ohtani, Anderson, Reid Detmers, Patrick Sandoval, and Jose Suarez locked into their 2023 rotation. With Ohtani on the roster, they've used a six-man rotation and I suspect 2023 will be the same in that regard. With that in mind, the Angels need one more starter.

The Angels should sign Ross Stripling to round out the 2023 starting rotation.

Ross Stripling has experience in Los Angeles. He was a Dodger for 4.5 years before being traded to the Blue Jays in the middle of the 2020 campaign.

Stripling was actually linked to the Angels that year and a deal almost got done but fell through last minute.

Stripling is a free agent after his best season since 2018 when he was an all-star with the Dodgers. He's been linked to the Angels this offseason. If they liked him in the past, it's hard to imagine they wouldn't like him now.

He went 10-4 with a 3.01 ERA in 32 appearances (24 starts). He doesn't strike out many (7.4 K/9) but walks few (1.3 BB/9) and keeps the ball in the yard (0.8 HR/9).

The Angels could use Stripling as a starter and reliever, as he has extensive experience in both areas.

With Arte Moreno looking to sell and other improvements having to be made, I don't expect the Angels to sign another big-name starter. Stripling will be pretty cheap for a starter and should be effective.

He's a guy who won't blow you away but should keep you in games more often than not. He's very similar to Anderson in that regard.

With the Angels having a young staff outside of Anderson, they could use another veteran to round out the staff.

Stripling gets a ton of ground balls and doesn't allow many home runs. With David Fletcher healthy, the infield defense would be improved drastically.

He's probably not going to have an ERA just above 3.00 next season, but he should be a quality fifth starter which is what his role would be on this team.

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