10 MLB stars you forgot were LA Angels

Jul 20, 2019; Cooperstown, NY, USA; Dave Winfield, LA Angels
Jul 20, 2019; Cooperstown, NY, USA; Dave Winfield, LA Angels / Gregory J. Fisher-USA TODAY Sports
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Bo Jackson, LA Angels
Bo Jackson, LA Angels / Ron Vesely/GettyImages

The LA Angels aren't one of the top franchises in MLB history, but there sure have been a lot of stars that have come their way.

It's even got to the point where there have been a lot of stars that we don't even remember playing for the team.

Some of them were great with the Halos. Some of them not so much. Regardless, there are so many high-profile players, and in many cases legends that we forget wore our uniforms.

It's worth looking deep into our memories and remember some forgotten Angels of the past, who we wish were Angels for longer, or at better times in their careers.

No. 10 MLB star you forgot was an LA Angel: Bo Jackson

It's pretty cool to think about how Bo Jackson was an LA Angel. The NFL/MLB two-sport sensation was an All-Star in baseball and a Pro Bowler in football. He wasn't an All-Star with the Angels, however.

On the diamond, we all remember Bo for his efforts with the Kansas City Royals. If it wasn't for some durability issues, we'd remember him for being an Angel. That's because when he was healthy in Anaheim, he was solid.

Hitting .279/.344/.507 (.851 OPS) with a 117 OPS+, Jackson was not just a freak athlete for the Angels. He produced. It was just that he was only able to play 75 games.

Hitting 13 homers and bringing in 43 RBIs in those 75 games, I would have loved to see what he could have done if he had a full 162.