15 worst Los Angeles Angels free agent signings in franchise history

Oct 3, 2014; Anaheim, CA, USA; Los Angeles Angels left fielder Josh Hamilton (32) reacts after
Oct 3, 2014; Anaheim, CA, USA; Los Angeles Angels left fielder Josh Hamilton (32) reacts after / Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Anthony Rendon: Seven Years: $245 million, 2019

Now we get to the massive, massive deals. Anthony Rendon, in a season after he was an all-star, a Silver Slugger winner, an MVP finalist, and a World Series champion, signed a massive deal with the Angels.

Rendon was one of the best players in the sport at the time. He slashed .319/.412/.598 with 34 home runs and 126 RBI in 2019. He led the league in RBI and with 44 doubles. He was the best position player on a team that just won the World Series. That's the guy the Angels got.

Unfortunately, things haven't gone to plan at all since they brought him in. Rendon did play in 52 of a possible 60 games in 2020 and performed well, posting an OPS+ of 150 and finishing 10th in the AL MVP balloting. Since then, Angels fans have been waiting for SOMETHING.

Rendon has played in 105 games in the last two seasons, slashing .235/.328/.381 with 11 home runs and 58 RBI. He has a 97 OPS+ in that span. Rendon has barely played, and when he has played, he's been a below average hitter. Not what the Angels expected at all.

The highlights of these last two years include a home run he hit left handed and his role in a benches clearing brawl. Not exactly what you want.

I'm hoping for a Rendon bounceback, but it's unfair to not include him on this list. Right now, he's completely wasted two of the three seasons he's played. Injuries are unfortunate, but that's the reality.

Hopefully Rendon plays games and plays well to the point where he no longer appears on a list like this. Until it happens, he's right here.