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Which Angels players will we see play more or less in the second half?
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The magic appears to be running out with LA Angels pitcher Chris Devenski

What Chris Devenski was able to do in his first 19 appearances of this season was pure magic. Playing for his hometown team after being unable to serve as a legitimate MLB reliever for over a half decade, Devenski turned back the clock and looked like the all-star he was in Houston.

Through those first 19 appearances he allowed just five runs in 24.1 innings pitched (1.85 ERA). He recorded nine holds, blew just one save, and bailed the Angels out of countless jams in the process. He began the bullpen turnaround that helped the Angels stay afloat for as long as they did.

Devenski went his first 17 appearances without walking a single batter, striking out 22 batters in 22.1 innings pitched in the process. His change-up was back to elite status, and he was truly one of the unsung heroes of the season for this Angels team.

Unfortunately, his production has taken a nosedive before the break. The fall-off started in Kansas City, where it felt like the Angels as a team fell off as well. He was the one who blew the save against the lowly Royals, allowing two runs on four hits in an inning. The Angels led that game 8-2 and lost 10-9.

In his last nine appearances, the right-hander has allowed ten runs (nine earned) in 8.2 innings of work. He's walked five, blown two saves, and the team is just 1-8 in those outings after going 15-4 in his first 19.

There're many bigger issues than Devenski's struggles on this Angels team, but he was such a crucial piece for months and the Angels would really benefit getting him back. Hopefully the break helps with that, as he was very overworked for a while.

It feels rather obvious that due to his struggles, Devenski has lost his spot in the eighth to Jacob Webb, and when Matt Moore comes back, he might be pushed down even further.