2 Angels problems the fans saw coming, 1 we didn't expect to be so bad

Oakland Athletics v Los Angeles Angels
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The Los Angeles Angels are the best average team in the league. They have the talent to be better, and frankly should be better. They've thrown countless games away whether it's due to poor decision-making from the players or the manager.

We knew from the very beginning, even with an improved roster, that the group of 26 players the Halos were entering the season with was flawed.

There were obvious holes on the roster that Perry Minasian didn't address, and they've come back to bite them. There has also been one unexpected hole that has come back to hurt the Angels as well.

LA Angels problem fans saw coming: The back end of the rotation

We didn't even really care as to who the starting pitcher was. Obviously, certain players were preferred, but the back end of this Angels rotation was a huge question mark to begin the season. The Angels had to acquire one more starting pitcher, and they failed to do so.

The Angels had Shohei Ohtani, Patrick Sandoval, Tyler Anderson, and Reid Detmers entrenched in the rotation. Nobody had any issue with this. Jose Suarez was the fifth starter, which is where the Angels really lose some fans.

Suarez had a good second half to last season but had issues facing hitters for a third time, and struggled against quality competition. The sixth spot was even more of a question mark.

Tucker Davidson and Griffin Canning both pitched well in Spring Training, but both came with huge question marks. Davidson had never done anything at the big league level, and Canning hadn't pitched since July of 2021. Both of these pitchers have ERA's over 6.00 with Canning doing it as a starter and Davidson doing it as a long reliever. I believe both of these pitchers have done better than their ERA's show, but not good enough to start.

The Angels are a team trying to compete. They wouldn't make trades for guys like Hunter Renfroe and Gio Urshela with one year of control if they weren't. They just didn't go all in, which is something that has been a constant under Arte Moreno.

This rotation needed another starter. If you wanted Jose Suarez to open the season in the rotation I wouldn't have argued. To open it with Suarez AND Canning was pretty unacceptable. The Angels would be much better than they are right now if they didn't have to use two dart throws every turn through the rotation.