2 Angels trade deadline successes and 1 failure

The Angels had a good trade deadline, but it wasn't quite perfect

Los Angeles Angels v Atlanta Braves
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3. Adding this bullpen depth did not make sense and was a trade deadline failure

While there needs to be praise for what the Angels have brought in terms of talent to win right now, adding Dominic Leone from the Mets didn't make sense. Most of these trades kept the young core of talent that the Angels have in the big leagues right now, however, letting Jeremiah Jackson go was a mistake.

Dominic Leone hasn't impressed all too much with the Mets as he's posted a 4.40 ERA in 30.2 innings of work, on top of that he also has a 5.26 FIP so he's been to blame for any bad outings. Meanwhile, Jackson slots into the Mets top 30 prospects at 22, it's not like the Angels gave up the next Mike Trout, but Jackson has potential.

Jackson has raw power as he's produced 15 home runs so far and has 21 stolen bases, which shows he's a power and speed guy. The one knock on him is that he's 23 and while everyone is different in terms of development, the Angels may have seen enough of him to move on.

His ability to also play multiple positions makes him more valuable as he can fit into a lineup everyday, if he unlocks the ability to hit consistently, then watch out. Overall, this move didn't add up as Jackson could have been paired with another prospect and the Angels could have added someone better.