2 former Angels deliver vital information about night of Tyler Skaggs' tragic passing

Sep 21, 2020; Anaheim, California, USA; Andrelton Simmons, LA Angels
Sep 21, 2020; Anaheim, California, USA; Andrelton Simmons, LA Angels / Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

Many players have testified in the ongoing trial 'U.S. v Eric Kay,' which of course relates to the tragic and untimely death of former LA Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs.

Two of the latest players to speak at the trial were former Angels pitcher Trevor Cahill and former Angels shortstop Andrelton Simmons. The two of them told the judge something that is telling about the situation surrounding Skaggs:

This is important information because it tells more about the situation that surrounded his passing, and the more information the court can acquire will help find the most accurate ruling. Also, if Skaggs didn't go out, he more likely received the pills that night from a previous source, which raises the chances of him having received the pills from Kay ahead of the road trip.

Kay is trying to prove that there is no evidence suggesting the substances that Skaggs reacted to were given to him by Kay. This evidence could potentially not work in Kay's favor.

The trial regarding former LA Angel Tyler Skaggs' death and Eric Kay's potential involvement will continue Thursday.

The closing arguments in 'U.S. v Eric Kay' will be made Thursday. This situation gets more and more complicated as the days go by, and highlights a problem that not just Tyler Skaggs and the LA Angels face.

Keep in mind that C.J. Cron testified and admitted to receiving pills from Kay even after his Angels' tenure. It's a league-wide issue. Matt Harvey even explained that he started abusing cocaine before he was with the Angels.

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All we can hope is that these issues stop immediately, so that we don't have to lose any more people to drug use. These issues need to be brought to light so that they do not happen again. At Halo Hangout, we express our condolences towards the Skaggs family, and wish them the best as they deal with these hard times.