2 LA Angels prospects who could be traded this offseason

Aug 15, 2021; Anaheim, California, USA;   Los Angeles Angels center fielder Brandon Marsh (16) and Jo Adell
Aug 15, 2021; Anaheim, California, USA; Los Angeles Angels center fielder Brandon Marsh (16) and Jo Adell / Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Angels haven't been active in trade rumors recently, but it feels like there's always trade speculation with prospects Brandon Marsh and Jo Adell.

In fact, just about two weeks ago Jon Morosi of MLB Network even mentioned that the Halos could end up trading for Luis Castillo for a package that includes Marsh.

Would I do it? Absolutely not, as I love the type of player Marsh will be and would like to stick it out considering we've already spent so many years working to develop the future All-Star outfielder. However, once CBS Sports MLB Analyst and former MLB GM Jim Bowden confirmed that the Halos are indeed trying to trade for Castillo, are also talking to the A's about Chris Bassitt and Frankie Montas, and are talking to the Marlins for pitching too, it could be a reality.

With the Angels not having the best farm (No. 24 in the league according to MLB.com), Marsh does indeed seem like a prime trade candidate. Adell, who has oftentimes been a trade candidate for the Angels in his young career, also seems like someone who could help yield that type of value. Again, the Angels don't have a good farm, so it's harder to grow attached to them when trying to manufacture trades with few farm pieces to negotiate with.

If the Angels want to trade prospects, Brandon Marsh and Jo Adell are the prime candidates.

I do not want the LA Angels to trade either one of these elite prospects in Brandon Marsh or Jo Adell. But if the Angels are really serious about this trade market, they may have to.

They don't have much other trade bait at this point. They could try to trade Justin Upton, but due to his durability issues, and his performance as a result, he carries little trade value when considering that the team trading for him would have to pay the rest of the $28 million on his contract for 2022.

Adell and Marsh, however, carry a lot of value. Both came up last year and showed some promise. For Adell, it was particularly refreshing, because he showed that he clearly worked on what he struggled with in 2020--defense and strikeouts.

He was a much improved defensive player, and struck out 23 less times than he did in 2020 despite playing in only three less games. He had 26 RBI in 35 games. A lot of teams are going to be excited about that, as they should.

And as for Marsh, he didn't put up big numbers but played impressive defense, showcased the speed that we always knew he had by stretching three doubles into triples in 70 games of work where he never had to be sent down. Those 70 games of experience were really valuable for his career as well as his trade value.

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Both have so much promise, but with that comes so much trade value. If the Angels are as all-in on pitching as they seem to be, one of them could be traded.