2 LA Angels that don't belong on the roster and one that does

Los Angeles Angels v Texas Rangers
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Andrew Velazquez, LA Angels
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The LA Angels have been off to an impressive start in the month of April and are returning home to take on the Orioles in which the team will have to make some decisions.

David Fletcher will eventually come off the IL and that means one of the infielders may be sent down.

Add in a different look in the bullpen and you're looking at a fresh and new roster that should keep them competitive.

Andrew Velasquez is the odd man out of the LA Angels infield.

LA Angels fans have been treated to a dynamic infield while Fletcher has been on the shelf and while it sucks to do this, Andrew Velasquez has to be the one to go. Previously, I wrote that Jack Mayfield might be the one to go, but he's stepped it up since then and solidified himself a roster spot.

Velasquez has a wOBA (Weighted On Base Average) of .242 and an fWAR of 0.0 which basically means that he's the most replaceable right now. His inability to handle multiple positions also puts him on the lowest of the infield depth. It's tough to do this because Fletcher hasn't been hitting at all with an abysmal .127 wOBA and -0.1 fWAR.