3 Angels free agent targets to sign while everyone else is distracted by Yoshinobu Yamamoto

While the league waits on Yoshinobu Yamamoto to make his decision, the Angels can be proactive by making other moves.
Aug 4, 2021; Yokohama, Japan; Team Japan pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto (17) reacts against Korea in a
Aug 4, 2021; Yokohama, Japan; Team Japan pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto (17) reacts against Korea in a / Yukihito Taguchi-USA TODAY Sports
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3) The Angels should sign Marcus Stroman while the team waits

All eyes are on Yamamoto and the top of the starting pitching market hasn't moved one bit. Fortunately for the Angels, Marcus Stroman doesn't qualify as a top-end free agent right now. The players in or around Stroman's tier are Blake Snell and Jordan Montgomery. Everyone else is a tier or two below, and should be unaffected by Yamamoto's long-awaited decision.

Stroman might not be the ace this team desperately needs, but he'd certainly be an upgrade over what the Angels have in the rotation right now. He's been a consistent workhorse throughout his career, and would at the very least be a valuable trade chip down the line on a short-term deal.

This past season with the Cubs, Stroman was an all-star after a dominant first half. A subpar second half raises some concerns, especially since he's turning 33 in May, but there's every reason to believe Stroman still has something in the tank.

The Angels have reportedly expressed interest in him and Perry Minasian does have a connection with him dating back to their Toronto days. The Angels being out on Yamamoto means they'd have to put their eggs in the basket of either Blake Snell or Jordan Montgomery to find the frontline arm they're looking for while also having to outbid the teams that missed out on Yamamoto.

Chances are the Angels don't land Snell or Monty so pivoting now and getting Stroman while he's available instead of risking it with Snell or Montgomery is the optimal choice.