3 Angels free agents they let walk having a good year, 1 failing miserably

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3) Former LA Angels infielder Mike Ford has had a good year with the Seattle Mariners

Mike Ford was one of a slew of Angels who had short stints with the team last season that were unimpactful. In the 28 games he played, he slashed .231/.293/.374 with three home runs and five RBI. The Angels let him go in a minor league deal to the Mariners, which I was more than fine with, but based on how he's performed, that might be another one Perry Minasian wants back.

Ford was having a great year in the minors and thanks to an opt-out clause in his contract, he had to either be promoted or released by June 1. The Mariners chose to promote him, and haven't looked back since.

The 31-year-old is slashing .277/.330/.614 with eight home runs and 17 RBI in 30 games this season. In eight fewer MLB at-bats than he had last season with the Angels, Ford has two more hits, five more home runs, and 12 more RBI. Just the Angels luck I guess.

After a slow start, he's swung an especially hot bat in the month of July, posting a 1.259 OPS with eight RBI in just nine games. He's been doing this mostly as a DH which the Angels do have occupied, but first base has been a weak spot on this team for much of the season.

Again, the likelihood he would've been this good on the Angels is slim, but that doesn't make it easier watching a player who was not good last season on the Angels suddenly be raging hot for a division rival while the Angels are in a tailspin.