3 Angels players who could be first time all-stars in 2023

Los Angeles Angels v Oakland Athletics
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If the Los Angeles Angels do make the playoffs in 2023, they'll need a lot to go their way. They'll need players who haven't stayed healthy like Mike Trout and Anthony Rendon to actually stay on the field and produce. They'll also need players to step up who haven't quite taken a leap yet.

The Angels roster is littered with talented players who have shown flashes but haven't quite put it all together for a full 162-game season. If the Angels have hopes for playing in October, they'll need for certain players to take a leap and consistently produce.

I have a feeling three players in particular will take this leap and will make the all-star team for the first time in 2023.

1) LA Angels player who could be a first-time all-star: Patrick Sandoval

The Angels finally got a full season out of Patrick Sandoval and he pitched really well for the most part. Heading into the season, Sandoval had made 29 starts. He made 27 in 2022.

The southpaw posted a 2.91 ERA in those starts while striking out 151 batters in 148.2 innings pitched. Normally a 2.91 ERA would be all-star type of numbers but Sandoval's first-half ERA was slightly higher as it sat at 3.22.

He has his flaws, walking too many and not going deep enough into games, but if his ERA remains low, he'll be in consideration most definitely.

Sandoval had a 2.53 ERA in 12 second-half starts. Even with his walk problems, you'd think that'd get him in. The Angels need Sandoval to be a consistent performer for them and if he pitches to his capablities while also doing a better job controlling the zone, he'll be in Seattle for the All-Star Game.