3 Angels players who deserve credit for the series win against the Athletics

Oakland Athletics v Los Angeles Angels
Oakland Athletics v Los Angeles Angels / Meg Oliphant/GettyImages
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2) LA Angels pitcher Carlos Estevez is one of few relievers Phil Nevin can trust

It's no coincidence that the game Carlos Estevez was unavailable to pitch in the Angels lost. Andrew Wantz and Jaime Barria melted down late, and after an incredible comeback attempt, the Angels blew it.

The Angels offseason signee was available for the second and fourth games of the series, and locked down two saves.

In that second game, Estevez came into a two-run game in the eighth inning. Matt Moore had just walked a batter after recording one out. So Estevez was called upon for a five-out save, something he had never done at the big league level.

He was asked to get five outs, he accomplished that in five batters. He threw just 17 pitches, 13 for strikes to get those five outs.

After a rough Spring Training where his command was nowhere to be found, Estevez has looked much better in that area of late. He's gone four straight appearances without walking a batter, and has allowed a run in just two of his 12 appearances. He's one of only a couple of guys Phil Nevin can trust late in a game, especially after Jose Quijada nearly threw another game away.